Featured Panelist: Game Guy

Game Guy

Please welcome back featured panelist Game Guy for NekoCon 19!

Jason aka the “Game Guy” is excited to return to NekoCon for his fifth year to the convention. He will be hosting two versions of his “NekoCon Game Show hosted by Game Guy.” Contestants will be picked from the audience to play crazy games for prizes and there will be door prizes at each game show for attendees. So don’t miss either show!

He will also be in the Video Game Room hosting “Surprise Game Tournaments” all weekend. You don’t need to be an expert in the game to sign up, in fact you won’t even have to know which game you’ll be playing when you do. So everyone should be at the same level. Everyone who participates will get a prize, so be sure to sign up at the Virginia Lottery tent before all the spaces fill up.

All games, fun and prizes from Game Guy are sponsored by the Virginia Lottery. We’re Game!

Featured Panelist: ORCSLARP

Please welcome our next group of featured panelists, ORCSLARP!


Darkon: the Realm of Orcs (ORCSLARP) is a Live Action Role Playing wargaming club, a.k.a. LARP. Being a chapter of Darkon, an even larger war gaming club, the Realm of Orcs is ever exciting and always accepting new members even with it’s extensive 16 years of history and adventure. The club members are always interactive whether it be practicing different fighting tactics to teaching on how to make your own weapons and armor.

To learn more about ORCSLARPS and our other featured panelists, check out their page in our Programming sections!

Featured Panelist: Con LG

Please welcome our next group of featured panelists, Con LG!

Con LG

Con LG exists to bring grade A panels, workshops, and events to the CONvention community and those affiliated with it. Since coming together, they have performed several podcasts, game shows, and comedy panels at different conventions in the state of Virginia. Some of their better known panels have included: Welcome to Night Vale live performances, Whose Line is It Anime (NekoCon), and Vague Jeopardy.

Check out our Featured Panelists page to learn more about who will be presenting at this year’s NekoCon!

Featured Panelist: Action Arcade


Please welcome our first featured panelist, Action Arcade!

Action Arcade is a group of (by no means professional) gamers who got their start in the first Ring of Fire Convention in 2014. They take games and find different ways to play them, sometimes painful, oftentimes hilarious. They do speed runs, card games, tag team gaming, finding weird games to stream, and their signature in competitive gaming: Cutthroat Gaming. Come out and watch as this group of gamers torture themselves for your entertainment!