We want you for the Gopher Army!

Gopher Army

A vital yet overlooked component of many anime conventions,the Gophers department manages, oversees, and keeps track of convention volunteers. Also known as “gophers,” these people form a vital component of anime convention operations.

While many jobs and errands of these volunteers seem menial and monotonous, these brave volunteers take their time to help out the convention for others to enjoy, and they can explore the inner workings – the guts – of an anime convention. The Gophers department also manages the “gopher army,” where a call for quick helpers are tasked to accomplish “magical” feats in a blink of an eye.

Often times, many of our staffers have started as the lowly “gopher,” and is often an opportunity to ease into staffing for the convention upon different departments.

Gopher Requirements

A gopher must be at least (16) sixteen years of age to volunteer. If volunteers are for AMS (Attendee Management Services), they must be (18) eighteen years of age. Younger volunteers will be considered with written and signed permission from the gopher’s parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s).

A gopher must be a registered NekoCon member in order to volunteer. Gophers may submit information for gopher pre-registration; however without a membership, one may not be added until registered.


A gopher must have a gopher registration form on file in order to volunteer. This can be done before or during a convention. These forms must be completed before assigning a task to a gopher. These forms would have your name, address, phone number, e-mail, and other notes. All information will be kept confidential.


A gopher must accept responsibility over their own actions and accept that assigned staff members reserve the right to withdraw their privileges at any time. When a gopher signs out, any special privileges one has while volunteers are also withdrawn. A gopher agrees when they sign up for a shift to appear in a timely manner and does not leave their post until their shift is done. They must also agree to follow the rules of a gopher, the department they are stationed, and the convention rules as well.


A gopher must attend a gopher orientation prior to serving as a gopher. This can either be done prior to serving as a gopher. This can either be done prior to the convention or at the convention itself. This is to inform a gopher of the rules, our expectations, any perks, as well as familiarize them with the staff and thank them for their participation. Orientation may be waived if the gopher attended Orientation and no significant rule change have taken place.

Gopher Incentives

Although it can be said that volunteering for an anime convention is its own reward – meeting people, making friends, and find out the inner workings of a convention – some people just got to have additional perks. The perks are TBD.

Regardless of hours worked, gophering can be a stepping stone for becoming part of NekoCon Staff, if so desired. Gophers (to some extent) have “backstage” and “backdoor” access to convention operations. Gophers must have a reason to be at a restricted area.