Make sure to visit the Video Game Room to view and sign up for a tournament! Sign ups will be available in the tournament area on the day the tournament is held. System information will be provided at sign up.
The tournament schedule is subject to change with or without prior notice. Default button configuration will be used for all tournaments.

Tournament Area

Friday November 5th
12pm – 2pm Mortal Kombat 11
2pm – 4pm 1v1 Knockout City
4pm – 6pm Power Ranger BOTG
6pm – 8pm Killer Instinct
8pm – 10pm Demon Slayer
10pm – 12am Rocket League
Saturday November 6th
12pm – 2pm Mario Kart
2pm – 4pm Tekken 7
4pm – 7pm Smash Bros
7pm – 9pm Guilty Gear Strive
9pm – 11pm IronMan Tournament
11pm – 1am Street Fighter V
Sunday November 7th
11am – 1pm Naruto Ninja Storm
1pm – 3pm Mario Golf / Tennis