Touhou Project

Touhou Project – A Fan Driven Game Series Like No Other

Touhou Project is a set of games, comics, CD’s, and other works made by Team Shanghai Alice. This group is a one-man show run by a man who prefers the pseudonym “ZUN”. He’s been producing works in the series and collaborating with other artists to bring his vision to life for the last 20 years and even though he’s a married man with a growing family, he’s not showing signs of stopping the production of the works that make up his expansive world. His understanding attitude about use of his IP has led to a huge amount of spin-off and fan works that range from over 4000 albums inspired by the music from his games to reams of comics based on his characters and plots and fan games that bring a new twist to classic series like Mario, Zelda, and Megaman. We’re a few fans who have brought PC’s showcasing the games of Touhou Project to Nekocon, and we invite you all to take a seat and play them. Newbies are welcome and veterans are fully encouraged to show off their skills. Come check out why these games are beloved the world over!


Touhou Project Tournaments

Touhou Hisoutensoku

This game is similar to many other 2-D fighting games, with the main difference being its heavy focus on movement through the air and projectiles, to keep it related to the bullet hell games in the series. This tournament has been a big hit at most cons because Touhou Hisoutensoku is similar enough to other fighters to pick up quickly, but has enough differences from those games and strategic depth with the “deck building” system that allows players to customize their characters available specials and move set to keep folks interested since its release back in 2009. Take a look at this twist on the traditional 2-D fighter in our Touhou Hisoutensoku tournament!


Urban Legend in Limbo

This game expands on the earlier Touhou Project fighting games games by implementing a constant flight system (characters never touch the ground while fighting) as well as a system of controlling who can use special moves and when those moves can be used that is similar to the smash balls of Super Smash Bros. The fast-paced combos, projectiles, dodging, and spellcards make returns from the earlier fighter installments in the series, but are refreshed to fit well with the newer movement and special system. Give this game a shot in our Urban Legend in Limbo tournament!