Saturday Night Dance

Saturday Night Dance: Meowtropolis

Saturday November 6th in Main Events


What do you do when all the panels are done for the day, the concerts are over, and you’re still itching for more? Check out the nightly dances, of course! Each night NekoCon brings you something unique to keep your body moving until the late hours.



In 2014 the Nekocon world experienced the first Spike lead Neko Dance Party event. Since that day, the Neko Dances have never been quite the same!

Spike brings his years of experience from the Los Angles to London to the 757 night club and theatre scene and has created one of the most popular events at Nekocon as well as one of the most talked about events on the East Coast Convention scene.


Saturday Night Lineup:

  • 10:00pm-11:00pm: Insomnia
  • 11:00pm-11:45pm: Junkyard
  • 11:45pm-12:30am: Evolution
  • 12:30am-1:15am: Kakumei X
  • 1:15am-2:00am: Tala

DJ Insomnia


Emerged from the South Carolina club scene as one of the most exciting live DJ’s in the South. Dj Insomnia is known for his heavy beats and uncanny ability to mix.

After relocating to the 757, DJ insomnia became known as one of the premier house party djs in the area. Spinning all genres from trap to hardcore, DJ Insomnias ability to adapt to the venue has made him one of the most respected figures in the scene.




The high-voltage Junkyard has twisted his way through the scene with a barrage of warping bass and crushing metal tempo. Junkyard melts the crowd into one fluid, monstrous force. Soaring through the soundwaves on rusted wings, Junkyard leads the assault into the musical apocalypse.

  • soundcloud: DJJUNKYARD
  • IG: @djjunkyard

DJ Evolution


Yerrrrrrrpppppp it’s Dj Evolution and I’m back to show Neko some love, I’m so excited to join you guys for this event once again. Join me to hear some exclusive mixes produced by yours truly and to celebrate being back at one of our favorite events that comes to Hampton roads. You’ll hear some new exclusive house mixes and some oldies but goodies that I’m sure will take your night to the next level. Make sure to keep in touch at Evo On The Beat/DJ Evolution on Facebook and Instagram, can’t wait to see you guys there! 



If asked how DJ KaKuMeI X would describe his style, he would respond “I call my style the name of Ferry Corsten’s album. L.E.F. Loud. Electronic. Ferocious.” DJ KaKuMeI X is one to keep an eye on. He blends multiple genres and styles into his mixes. Ranging from his first love, House music, to Trance, into Dubstep, into Hardstyle, and even Happy Hardcore. He enjoys new ways how to play tracks and when to play them. He began DJing at the age of 5 on vinyl when he first learned his father was a DJ in his younger days. Following in his footsteps, he learned how to scratch soon after and it became a very addictive hobby. He continued through the age of 12 when a move caused an unfortunate event with his turntables. He then tried his hand at producing while in class. He then picked DJing back up on his laptop and has moved to CDJs. He is a resident DJ at various clubs in Hampton Roads and often streams live from his home when he feels like giving people something to dance to while at work, or driving. “I have no issue with dancing with the crowd during my sets. I have been a natural born raver since day 1 and there is more to DJ’ing than hitting the play button and twisting knobs.” 


DJ Tala


“How would I describe my music, very enjoyable but will leave you in amazed” Dj Tala is local Dj in the 757 and is also a furry but he is very different from everyone else. He started as a dancer, that burns up the dance floor with his amazing moves. But he wanted to do more and soon began the career of djing with the help of The Doctor, a vet dj and a great friend. He drops anything from house, bass house, trance, trap and etc. Once you hear the speakers beginning to knock and shake, you’ll know to get ready for an amazing night. Once Tala gets behind the decks, make sure you have water on stand by and extra shoes cause when he goes hard, he goes all in.


Dance Rules

  • Props such as hula hoops, light wands, LED staves up to 6-feet, light sabers or similar props will be allowed, but only in a pre-designated location within the dance. This will be at the discretion of our staff and we reserve the right to reject any props we may deem as unsafe.
  • Masks covering the lower half of the face will be allowed, however our staff may ask you to lower it at any time. Full faced masks or helmets will not be allowed.
  • We understand your need to rest, however, please do not sit or lie down on the floor of the dance.
  • No bags are allowed in the dance, unless it is a proven medical bag that you do need to have on you.
  • No food or drinks are allowed inside the dance. There will be water stations both inside and outside of the dance so you can stay hydrated.
  • No glow sticks on strings or similar items on strings will be allowed. Glow sticks are most certainly welcome, they just cannot be on strings. Strings can be worn, but not swung. You will be warned 2 times if we see you swinging anything on strings, on the third time, you will be asked to leave. Light wands are the only exception to this rule, due to the controlled nature of the prop. We still reserve the right to ask you to put it away if we find any actions you take with the light wand unsafe.
  • Break dancing will be allowed in a designated area. Outside of that designated area, it will not be allowed and feet cannot go above the thighs while dancing.
  • Dancing on NekoCon equipment will result in automatic ejection from the dance for the night.
  • Any drug use or suspected drug use can result in an automatic ejection from the dance and from the convention.
  • Harassing the performers on stage or climbing the stage without expressed permission will result in automatic ejection from the dance and possibly from the convention.
  • Sexual harassment, misconduct, or any sort of physical assault towards anyone will not be tolerated and can result in ejection from the convention.
  • Cameras/recording will be allowed during the dance, but at your own risk.
  • NekoCon and ESSI reserve the right to change these rules at any time for any reason.