Please review our current Covid-19 protocols

Please read through the following information before purchasing a membership for NekoCon!

Why do I Have to Purchase a Membership?
Only members of NekoCon are eligible to attend NekoCon. All events and areas of the convention are for members only. NekoCon memberships are non-refundable and have limited transferbility. This means that you will not receive a refund if you are unable to attend NekoCon. Refunds will only be issued in instances of accidental over payment. Memberships are subject to the terms and conditions found on the NekoCon website (

Why should you prepay your membership?
Early check-in Thursday night. Skip the Friday and Saturday lines!
Faster lines if you do check in Friday or Saturday.
Saves you money!
Your membership helps us prepare, and the sooner you join, the sooner we can get started on special projects to make the convention better than ever!

You will receive an email from EventBrite, which is your method of confirmation. Bring this receipt and a valid photo ID with you to pick up your badge during the event.
If you do not receive your confirmation from EventBrite, please make sure to check your spam folder in your email. If still no luck, contact .

Memberships are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another guest.

Lost Badge Policy
If you lose your badge during the event you will be required to purchase a new badge. If you do lose your badge, please check with Lost & Found (located at the Information Desk in the Hampton Roads Convention Center) to see if your badge has been turned in. Proper identification MUST be provided in order for your lost badge to be returned to you. We suggest writing your legal name on the back of your badge.
If you find a badge, please turn it into Lost & Found located at the Information Desk in the Hampton Roads Convention Center.

Badge Pickup
Pre-paid membership badge pick-up will begin Thursday night at 7:00pm. At-door membership will be open beginning Friday morning.
Thursday, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM (Pre-Paid Memberships ONLY.)
Friday, 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Saturday, 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Parting Thoughts
Please check with parents/teachers/professors/bosses (anyone who can deny your right to attend!) to ensure that you will still be free and available to attend NekoCon prior to registering.



Question: Do you offer day passes?

Our badges are done on a reducing cost each day the convention goes on but allow entry for the remainder of the convention.  Friday would be full price, Saturday a little cheaper, and Sunday the lowest price.


Before purchasing a Badge Please Read the following – 
1 – We DO NOT replace badges. If you lose your badge you must purchase another one. If you leave your badge at home you may go home and get it or purchase another one.
2 – All children under 16 must have a guardian present. We ask that all minors have an adult present who can be readily contacted in the event of an emergency.
3 – When purchasing multiple badges each badge needs an individual name on it.  Please do not duplicate names on the badges unless you do not have the names of all parties attending. This makes looking up badges at check-in easier and faster.
4 – Group Badges – We do sell Badges for Groups and they do come at a discounted rate and there is a deadline for purchasing large numbers of badges at the reduced rate. Please put a different name on each badge when purchasing multiple badges. Groups have 2 options on badge pick-up – 1 – the individuals can pick up their badges on their own or 2 – the group leader can pick up all of the badges at one time. Once a badge or group of badges has been claimed from Registration we are no longer responsible for them.
5 – Please have your ID and form of payment ready when you reach the table. Having you ID and cash or card ready will expedite your Registration process and helps to keep our line moving. When paying for your badge if you are using a Debit or Credit Card the person whose name is on the card MUST be present at the time of purchase.
6 – When purchasing your tickets please be aware that there is a Timer on the transaction.  The timer is sixty (60) minutes and we highly recommend to avoid timing out if you are buying more than five (5) badge that you make a list that you can use to Copy and Paste from. You may use the same email address for the transaction but each badge needs a different name from previous badges.
7 – An Email will be sent out by Eventbrite Two (2) Weeks before our event to remind you that you have purchased your badge. If you forget before then and need to be reminded you are welcome to email and we will check that you have a badge waiting.
8 – If at any time within the 2 weeks after con you begin to show symptoms or come down with COVID please let the convention know. Thank you!
9 – Please abide by ALL social distancing and masking guidelines and understand this may increase the time required to register. This includes not congregating around the stanchions and at the table where you put your name on your badge. We understand you are excited to see your friends, we are excited you are here, but we need to maintain social distancing and masking guidelines to protect ALL of our attendees. Thank you!!
10 – Registration is NOT a Coat Check. We will not hold your bags and we are not responsible for anything that happens to them if you leave them in the halls, rooms, or registration area.
Instructions for purchasing a Badge(s) aka Tickets and Memberships – Read through before clicking the link!
Choose the Type of Badge and put the number of Badges needed in the box. The Eventbrite page will automatically calculate the total for the purchase. The minimum number for a group purchase is 10, the maximum is 25 per purchase. If you have more than 25 you are able to do the purchase in 2 or more groups.
Click continue and it will take you to the page where you can fill out the names of the purchaser and all of those for whom a badge is being purchased.
Fill in the Contact Information for the purchaser
On the same page please fill in the names and emails for each person you are buying a badge for. You can repeat the email from the purchaser if you do not have an email for each individual. Keep in mind there is a 60-minute timer for this part of the purchase.
Click confirm purchase at the bottom of the page.
Pay for your badge(s). Eventbrite will show you a confirmation and email you a confirmation of your purchase. Save the confirmation of your purchase in case we cannot locate your badges in our system.