Panels & Workshops

NekoCon has a rich tradition of offering unique and educational programming and this year we want to reward you for helping us to continue to offer this type of programming. We know it is a lot, but we ask you read this ENTIRE page before submitting a program.

Completing 2 hours of programming qualifies the head panelist for a free membership to NekoCon 2019. This membership is non-transferrable. We no longer provide refund checks.

As conventions grow like NekoCon has (7,000+ attendees) so have our programming rooms. Our panel rooms this year are large from our smallest room that will seat at least 200 people to our largest room which will seat over 500 people. WOW!

Neko Gakkou
As the premiere anime convention in the Tidewater region for nearly 20 years, NekoCon prides itself on introducing Japanese culture, media, and history to fans and appreciators through its annual convention. In this proud tradition, NekoCon is proud to host Neko Gakkou (“Cat Academy”), an education oriented programming track dedicated to exploring the nuanced cultural history of Japan. Content in the Gakkou track focuses on all facets of Japanese culture including (but not limited to) food, history, belief, school life, fashion, subculture, identity, and world influences. This track will also host round table discussion forums for students of Japan to present, refine, and discuss material that is important to their pursuit of Japanese culture academic or otherwise. Content will be selected if it falls into the following categories and is of the highest possible quality:

  • Education and Scholarship
  • Illuminations of Japanese Cultural Practice
  • Ways in which anime, games, and Japanese mass media shed light on Japan and her people.

Having your panel, discussion group, or workshop accepted for this track is a prestigious distinction and you will be recognized in various ways throughout NekoCon!

Panel & Workshop Submission Guidelines
  • Please fill out the form for each submission. If you put more than one entry into the form it will be considered invalid and discarded.
  • Successful completion of the form does not guarantee that your idea will be selected.
  • Once the submission period closes all entries will be put before a selection committee.
  • The committee will choose which submissions will be accepted.
  • Please complete all sections of the form to the best of your ability, and please refer to the panel and workshop F.A.Q. before emailing us with a question.
  • The person submitting the form will be considered the head panelist.
  • NekoCon cannot guarantee that your programming will not coincide with more popular events during any given time slot.
  • While we will make every attempt to avoid conflicting with your convention schedule, by submitting this form you consent to allow your program to occur any time during convention hours.
  • Panels times will include 5 minutes of setup and break down.
  • Programs must wrap up at 5 minutes before your scheduled end.
  • Should you over run that time, panel programming staff has the right to terminate your panel. This helps us ensure that we are fair to all programs taking place.
  • You also agree that once in the panel room, you will present the program you submitted and that was accepted for that time slot. Excessive and ongoing off-topic discussions may result in your program being terminated by Panel Staff.
  • If the time slot and program you are in are not pre-listed and pre-approved as adult or 18+, we ask that there be no cursing, or adult content.
  • You agree that in all NON-18+ programs that your content is acceptable for all age groups.
  • Please only submit one panel or workshop per form.
  • Submissions will close September 15th.

Submissions will be reviewed by our panel selection committee in October and if your submission is accepted you will be contacted via electronic mail. If you have any questions you may email us at

So are you ready to show us you got what it takes to be a Nekocon Programming Contributor and host a panel or a workshop? If so fill out our handy submission form found here.

You may also want to check out the Panel & Workshop Submission FAQ.