Hours have been spent rehearsing. Many nights have gone by filled with dreams of the coveted microphone trophy. It’s time for Catpocalyptic Karaoke Overdrive!

This year’s contest will be on Friday, from 6-10PM in Panel 1. Sign-ups for NekoCon 2017 are LIVE! Make sure to come out and enjoy the show!

CLICK HERE FOR Signup Information for Karaoke(DEADLINE OCTOBER 20th)

Check-in for performers will be on Friday, earlier in the day. Once your submission is approved, you will receive an e-mail giving you following instructions on when/where to check-in.

Failure to check-in at the con is grounds for disqualification. We do understand that Friday is a hectic day of getting off (work, school), checking into the hotel, and getting your badge. If you know ahead of time that you will be late, please e-mail karaoke@nekocon.com to give us a heads-up, we are happy to work with you in making sure your spot is saved.

Catpocalyptic Karaoke Overdrive!


The apocalypse has reached all areas of Nekocon, including karaoke!

For one year, AND ONE YEAR ONLY!  There will be very limited regulations as to what you can sing.

Do you want to sing “Cruel Angels Thesis” ?   Sure!

Do you want to sing Vocaloid?  Of course!

Do you want to sing ‘Don’t Stop Believing “ by Journey?   OKAY!

The only “guideline” is to keep it PG, with no excessive profanity.

–To keep sign-ups simple, entries to compete will be held solely online. Once we receive the first 30 complete entries, sign-ups will be closed. No sign-ups will be accepted at the convention!

–There will be a mandatory meeting for all karaoke contestants before the event.  This will be announced by email once your entry is accepted.

-We ask that you send us a MP3 copy of your song in your entry form.  We will check it for quality and content.

— To maximize the number of performances, we are limiting song time to five minutes. If your song runs over time, we will fade the music out and your song is over.

–Everyone involved with the karaoke contest puts a lot of time and effort into making the event a memorable one and a great time. Boos, heckles, catcalls or disrespect of any karaoke judges, MC or contestant will result in ejection from the event, regardless of whether or not you are a participant or audience member. This is the apocalypse, but we still ask everyone to behave.

–Please do not spam the email account asking if we have recieved your entry; you will recieve a prompt email once your song has been evaluated and approved. (Chances are, if you sent it before we post that signups are closed , we have received it.

To Enter send an email to  karaoke@nekocon.com and include

  1. Real Name (don’t worry, this is for lineups only)
  2. Stage Name (what the host(esses) will announce you as
  3. Title of song
  4. Artist
  5. Where its from (game, anime, etc.)


Once again, please include the MP3 of the song, and bring a backup of the song just in case.

DEADLINE FOR ALL ENTRIES IS October 20th , or until they are filled! FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!!



Any questions may be directed to karaoke@nekocon.com. If you have any at-con questions, please visit the information desk.

Let’s dance and sing the night away!