General Gaming Rules

Be a Good Sport:Share the games and no cheating

Keep it clean:Keep all food and drink away from the games. Throw away any trash you see. Please remember to bathe and smell nice.

We are not responsible for your stuff: Please deposit valuables in a safe place (i.e. hotel room or car). All found items will be surrendered to lost and found.

Walk, don’t run:There are a lot of cables, please don’t trip over them.

Do not mess with the equipment: If anything (i.e. console, controller, television, etc.) isn’t
working properly then inform one of the video game room staffers. Do not tamper with or attempt to “fix” the hardware yourself. If you have been found in violation of this rule you may be held liable for any damages incurred.

Wireless Controllers:To obtain a wireless controller (i.e. Xbox, Wii, PlayStation, etc.) please see the people at the main desk in the video game room. A valid NekoCon badge will be required to obtain a controller. When you are finished please return the controller to the front desk to receive your NekoCon badge. PLEASE double check before you leave that it is your  badge.

WARNING: Be wary of passing the controller to other people, as the video game room staff will not be held responsible if the controller goes missing while loaned out in your name. If someone wishes to use your controller when you are finished please take him or her with you to the main desk so that we can issue it in his or her name.