Featured Panelists

Charles Dunbar
It was exactly ten years ago that I first got up on stage at Nekocon to present a panel. I had no idea if it would go over well, but the line outside the door scared me half to death. People interested in hearing what I had to say about mythology and anime- I had expected a dozen at best, not the 100+ that decided to spend time with me. That was where it all began, where I decided to start presenting topics on my passions, and opening doors and minds to the hidden symbols and signs behind their favorite series. Nekocon has always been there, reminding me of why I walked down this path in the first place. And while my topics have veered into directions like Japanese history, literature, tourism, and gaming, Nekocon has also welcomed those changes and expansions to my interests and horizons. Let’s make 2019 no different!
Hello everyone! We are a group of Paranormal Investigators located in Hampton Roads Va. Haunted VA Paranormal Investigators was started in 2006. We are strictly a non-profit group and NEVER charge for any investigation we perform. Our main goal is the safety of our clients and their families. We look for a logical explanation in everything before we decide that it is “paranormal activity”. We enjoy sharing our adventures of the paranormal with others as well as teaching others about what we have learned and experienced.
Shoestring Scientists is a loose collective of builders, cosplayers, creatives, and educators of all types, Shoestring Scientists made their presentation debut in 2012 with their first workshop, Steampunk 203: A DIY Workshop, where attendees built their own ray guns from spare parts. Since then, this group of intrepid (and slightly mad) creatives have presented panels and workshops to packed-out rooms at numerous conventions
Jim Deeley is a freelance writer, aspiring game designer, veteran game master, and the founder and lead writer at Apotheosis Games & Publishing. A passionate fan of fantasy, science fiction, and history since his early boyhood days of playing in castle ruins all across England, Jim’s world was forever changed when in late 2000, he sat down to his first ever Tabletop Role-playing Game: a session of Vampire: The Masquerade. Since then, Jim has dedicated far too many waking hours to getting better at running role-playing games, and to that end has developed a series of panels called the Apotheosis Series on the logistics of writing and running tabletop RPGs. The Apotheosis Series was originally intended for Game Masters, but these panels proved useful for all manner of creative types, and he is taking the ideas behind these panels and working on making them into a series of books on the subject. Jim lives in Newport News with his multitalented artist wife Kristi and their five cats. He is currently working on “Against the Elements”, a book for High Level Games’ Snowhaven setting, collaborating on several projects for White Wolf’s Storyteller’s Vault, and writing “Apotheosis: The Ultimate Guide to Game Mastery”.