Friday DJs


DJ Medz

Hailing from Newport News with a love and passion for the EDM Scene since childhood. He aspired to be a DJ for as long as he could remember, and with a little luck that became a reality in 2012. He now tries to apply the same passion he had for the scene in both ways; as a scene lover and now as a DJ.

He’s a mix bag of genres. He prefers to play Hard Dance/Hard Trance publicly, though he does sport the occasional Drum and Bass, Trance, and Electro House set.

He’s been booked to spin at venues such as Kaboom’s “Fayt Raves,” along with The Lounge, and Lazy Days. He also hosted his own EDM Nights at London Underground in Williamsburg, Virginia.

01-Que-logoDJ Que

“The crowd dictates my playlist, I have a few songs that I know that I might want to play, but ultimately the crowd chooses the music.” -Que Sweat

At an early age, Que was defiantly born to be different. Born and raised in Warner Robins, Georgia, Que was introduced to all different genres of music. From Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, and Poison to Michael Jackson, David Bowie, and New Edition. Que loved music and so did his family. So you will not be surprised or disappointed when you hear a random mashup that you were not expecting.  After serving six years in the United States Army, Que began working at a local trampoline arena, where he was introduced to Electronic Dance Music. Que have heard some of the older “house,” “club,” and “techno” music from watching MTV and listening to sampled tracks from Hip-Hop artist but not like this. After talking to and partying with several local DJs, Que decided to learn the Art of DJing. He has only been an active DJ since May 2014, and still a rookie to the ins and outs, but when you hear him play, you swear that he has been spinning all of his life.  Drawing his inspiration from DJ Kakumei X, Jay Dreadwolf, DJ Insomnia, DJ Okashun, DJ Bass (formally DJ 626), DJ Hiki, DJ Junkyard, The Doctor, DavidM, Stacey Essene, Anthony Paul, Darius Twin, Kenny J, Patrick Currier, Genki Darkstar, and Nega Knights, just to name a few; Que has been able to play without really sticking to a certain style. So just let the music take control, sit back, relax and enjoy the show cause there is one thing that DJ Que is going to do…… He’s Gonna Make You Sweat!!!!

03-Doctor-logoThe Doctor

The Doctor (Damon Chatterton) takes you on a journey through time and space with his mixes. Whether he’s transporting you to a place that you know and love or to a place that will become one of those unforgettable moments in life, The Doctor is the one you want to travel with, because for him, it’s all about loving the music in a way that only a proper DJ can. The Doctor kicked off his DJing career, at The Flood, back in 1996 with a wide taste in Electronic Dance Music. He played whenever he could after joining the Army, but an overseas tour moved his DJing to the back burner. Now out of the Army, The Doctor has been going full tilt to get back in the groove. His restart took off at The Lounge in VA Beach. From there he has been asked to play many other places in the Hampton Roads area, such as The Wave, The Iguana, Nekocon 2014, and most recently, Sassi’s in Norfolk. The Doctor is currently looking for the next place to journey to and share his love for the music. He tries to release a mix on MixCloud weekly, focusing on House, Deep House, and Big Room styles, the later of which have made it to 28th on MixCloud’s Big Room charts. In addition The Doctor is now a member of the Essential Clubbers online radio station. Whatever your musical journey requires, be sure to get The Doctor to accompany you.

EsseneStacey Essene

Stacey Essene started spinning in 1994 while going to college in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Entering the scene as Junglist he cut his teeth in mixing Amen Break heavy Jungle tracks, and fell in love with electronic music as a whole. Over the years his taste changed from Jungle to House to Trance to Break Beats and Future Jungle. Known for his multi-genre talents and sets, he currently plays up and down the east coast of the US. When booked for broken beats such as Jungle, Future Jungle, or Break Beats, he goes by the persona D’Solja. When playing house he is known by his name, Stacey Essene. In 2014, he began producing his own tracks leading to multiple releases in 2015 on such labels as Experimental Bass Records, Faction Digital Recordings, and BTB Music Works. Affiliations: VA Pressure, Third Eye Comms, HREDM


05-Erika-BDJ Erika B

Born in Brooklyn, New York but raised in Virginia, Erika B has worked really hard to make a name for herself. With over 9 years under her belt, her events has ranged from Urban Clubs to Raves. Playing in some of the biggest nightclubs in the Hampton Roads area. Her influences range from the late great Dj Roc Raida, Dj Scratch, Dj Evil Dee to 12th Planet and DeadMau5, just to name a few.

Swiftly gaining notoriety, Erika B was dubbed the official DJ for Rah Digga, a Guest Dj on Sway in the Morning, opened for Salt n Pepa’s Legends in Hip Hop Tour, Mike Epps Live, Katt Williams Growth Spurt-Born Again Again Tour, The Royal Comedy Tour and Co-founded Hampton Roads EDM . As Virginia recognized her skills, in 2011 she was honored with the Dj Bee ‘Dj of the year’ Award, 2013 voted Virginia’s Master of the Mix ‘Favorite Dj’, and 2014 Mcdonalds Flavor Battle Finalist, certifying her one of the Top Djs in her area.
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook: Dj Erika B