Exhibitors Hall Policy

1. All outstanding general rules of the convention are still applicable while attendees are in the Dealer’s Room except where modified or expanded below. No rules are repealed.

2. No shoplifting of Dealer merchandise or stealing of any merchandise or personal property will be tolerated. Offenders will be permanently banned from all current and future Nekocon conventions and outside events. We also reserve the right to share your name with other conventions in an informal warning system, and the victims of the crime will have the opportunity to prosecute offenders.

3. No cosplay photography is to take place within the Dealer’s Room, in the doorway area of the Dealer’s Room, or anywhere within six feet of the Dealer’s Room’s doors. Violators of this policy will be politely asked to immediately leave the Dealer’s Room. Those who do not comply will be escorted out of, and away from, the Dealer’s Room for the benefit of all other attendees. This is to ensure easy access for regular attendees and staff, and to ensure that emergency exits are maintained.

4. Obstructions, as defined in the Nekocon Weapon’s Policy, even if allowed into the convention as a whole, will not be allowed into the Dealer’s Room. Further, any attendee with an over-sized prop or costume that limits the wearer’s mobility in such a way as to keep them from freely flowing with standard tight-fitting foot traffic shall not enter the Dealer’s Room. This will include, but not be limited to, any costume with protrusions (especially sharp ones) of more than four inches, six or more inches thick foam or other material throughout, headpieces of more than thrice human normal size, feet more than two thrice a standard human’s, extensions mounted to the back that are more than six inches wider than the person wearing them, or other similar defining factors. Final say is in the hands of the Dealer’s Room Attendee Management Staff posted at the Dealer’s Room’s doors, or their superiors.

5. Outside bags, backpacks, and storage devices such as fanny packs, are allowed. They must be a size that is standard for their nature. Please keep in mind that in the close press of bodies, it will be impossible for  Con Safety to help you keep an eye on your backpack or fanny pack at all times, and Nekocon can not be held accountable for any theft that takes place, so use personal caution always. The various bags issued by our dealers shall not be allowed to re-enter the Dealer’s Room. Please take these bags and their contents to your hotel room, vehicle, or other storage arrangement as soon as you are finished shopping in the Dealer’s Room.

6. No props, bags of any nature, parts of costumes, trash, or any other items shall be left unattended inside of, or within the vicinity of, the Dealer’s Room. At no point will these items be considered “held,” or “reserved.” They will be treated as Lost and Found or trash as the Staff deems necessary to keep the convention center clean. Cleaning staff will do the same as they see fit, often with their own separate Lost and Found. At no time will any Staff member be held responsible for any abandoned items, even if they interacted with said item after abandonment.

7. As outlined in the Nekocon Weapon’s Policy, certain items can be purchased within the Dealer’s Room that can be carried within the convention center under our rules and policies. When these items are purchased from the Dealer’s Room, attendees are to leave the Dealer’s Room before removing and properly disposing of any and all packaging materials, or putting those materials in your hotel room, vehicle, or other storage arrangement. Purchased items from the Dealer’s Room, if they follow all other rules and policies, including peace bonding any weapons and the items are not inside a Dealer issued bag, may return to the Dealer’s Room once removed from all packaging outside of the Dealer’s Room. Anyone opening a product within the confines of the Dealer’s Room will be escorted out of the Dealer’s Room.

8. The Nekocon and Convention Center Staff both reserve the right to deny entry to the Dealer’s Room at any time, for any reason, without having to provide said reason. Disputes with Dealer’s Room Staff or Con Safety over this or any other rule can be taken up with the Head of Con Safety, or the Nekocon Convention Chairperson, in that order. Convention Center Staff can only direct complaints to Nekocon Staff on your behalf, and should be allowed to run the Convention Center itself.