Panel & Workshop Submission FAQ

Panel and Workshop Submission FAQ

2022 Programming Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long are Panel and Workshop submissions open?

A. Until September 17, 2022


Q. Do you provide a computer for programming use?

A. No, you must provide your own device.


Q. How do I get compensated for my time?

A. Completing 2 hours of programming qualifies the head panelist only for a reimbursement in the form of a membership for NekoCon 2023. This membership is non-transferable. We no longer provide refund checks.


Q. How does check-in work this year?

A. Check in is VERY IMPORTANT. At least 15 minutes before your program is scheduled to begin you will need to come to Panel Check In at the Information Desk to complete the check in paperwork. You will only need to complete the paperwork once if you are doing multiple panels. We recommend doing this early so that you can enjoy the rest of the convention at your leisure. 


Q. What if I am late or cannot host my programming?

A. 15 minutes after your programming is scheduled to begin, if you haven’t shown up to your assigned room, you no longer qualify for reimbursement. If you find that you cannot host your programming please let us know as soon as possible via email to


Q. Why are we asking for a contact phone number?

A. We need a way to contact you in the event that we need to get a hold of you, regarding programming during the convention itself. So please make sure you give us a good number you can be reached at during the convention.


Q. What do you look for in programming?

A. We look for unique, entertaining, and educational programming. Programming that fits the theme of the convention is also desirable. This year’s theme is Four Seasons. Diversity is also something we strive for in trying not to overload the schedule with too many programs of the same subject matter.


Q. What are Featured Panelists and how are they chosen?

A. Featured Panelists are panelists or groups highlighted by the convention because they bring a significant amount of quality programming and are chosen by the Programming Department. Featured Panelists fill in types of programming not covered by guest panels as well as programming that reflects the theme for the year. 


Q. What is the standard equipment that is already in the panel and workshop rooms?

A. Panel rooms are equipped with 2 wired microphones on the stage, 1 Wireless microphone for Q&A in the audience (limited to some rooms), a LCD projector with s-video and standard monitor hookup (if you have an apple product please provide your own adapter), an audio jack for PC-RCA (Red and White connector) audio, HDMI, screen, and a PA system.


Q. Will someone be keeping time for me?

A. Our staff will keep an eye on the time, letting you know with a sign that you have 5 minutes remaining in your time slot, and you need to begin your wrap up.


Q. Are rooms closed off at any point?

A. Rooms will only be closed in the event that there are no seats left in the room, or for mature (18+) programming (which will occur after 10pm). Our Convention Safety Staff will check ID’s at the door. There is no standing room available at any time. Room clears (additional time for setup and break down and cleaning) are also times when there are no guests in the room other than staff and panelists.


Q. Can I have food or drink in a panel room?

A. No. This is for the protection of the equipment that NekoCon provides. Furthermore the HRCC does not allow outside food or drink in the building.


If you have any further questions not addressed in this FAQ, please email us at