ABJD Announcement

Attention Cats, Kittens, and Everyone else!

Due to COVID-19 we at NekoCon are making some changes. First off, there will not be a J-Fashion Tea Party this year.  Second, the ABJD Tea Party is being reborn as the NekoCon ABJD Social and Swap Meet! So bring your dolls, bring things that you want and are willing to trade that are in Good Condition and come and spend time with us discussing and Showing off our ABJDs! As always, recasts will not be allowed or accepted at our event. Please support the artists that make these precious Friends! If you have any questions please email panels@nekocon.com

Cosplay Featured Panelists: Sewist Seams

Sewist Seams

@SewistSeams (aka Kristen) has been sewing for over 50 years and has been active in costuming since high school.  Kristen was introduced to cosplay in 2007 when she costumed her daughter and a friend as Avatar characters to attend an anime convention.  A decade later, Kristen’s now adult daughter @katieandcatblog urged her mother to give cosplay a try herself.  Kristen’s first cosplay was as the fairy godmother to her daughter’s Cinderella.  Since then Kristen and Katie have specialized in giving their costumes a historically accurate spin.  The duo won Best of Class (Masters Group), then Best of Show at Galaxycon Raleigh 2018-2019.  Kristen enjoys sharing her costuming and historical expertise to help others improve their skills and wants to encourage broader cosplay participation across generations.

Cosplay Featured Panelists: Katie and Cat Blog

Katie and Cat Blog

Katie of @KatieandCatblog is just a girl with a cat (and a blog). She has always loved costumes and playing dress up (something she got to indulge in professionally while working as a performer at Walt Disney World), but it wasn’t until 2016 that she started learning how to sew costumes for herself. Since then Katie has completed dozens of cosplays, become an active member of the charity cosplay group Causeplay Carolinas, won Best in Show at Galaxycon Raleigh 2019 with her mother Sewistseams, made a brief appearance in “Into the Unknown: the Making of Frozen II” wearing her live action Cinderella cosplay, accidentally stabbed herself with many sewing needles, and generally had a blast exploring the world of cosplay.

D=OUT Canceled Appearance

We regret to announce that D=OUT’s performance at Nekocon 2021, Nov. 5-7, will be postponed due to Covid. This also includes Kouki Hanamizakura’s solo performance. We understand that many of you were highly anticipating it and we apologize that this announcement comes so late. We tried to wait as long as possible before making a decision, and even explored other options, but ultimately with Japan’s current travel restrictions and conditions it was deemed too risky. We will continue to monitor the situation and hope to extend an invitation to D=OUT for Nekocon’s 2022 convention.
While we understand it is not the same as the real deal, we will be screening D=OUT’s live DVD featuring their live performance from Asakusa Koukaido in Nekocon’s Main Events room. We hope that you will still be able to come and enjoy D=OUT’s music together!
More announcements regarding additional digital live panels will be coming soon so please stay tuned!

Featured Panelist: Action Arcade

Action Arcade

Action Arcade is a group of Hampton Roads gamers who first began doing panels and programming in Spring of 2014. The group tends to approach games with a more entertaining way to play them, often times with a few sabotages. At conventions, Action Arcade hosts different types of programming such as Top 10 panels, Casual Gaming Tournaments, speed runs, debate panels, audience participation gamer challenges, and many more!

Check out Action Arcade at:

Guest Announcement: David Vincent

David Vincent – Actor / Producer

David is an Award winning Voice Actor based in Los Angeles. He’s given voice to hundreds of Animation/Anime episodes, and Video Game titles, as well as Guest Star appearances on TV shows such as The Mentalist and NCIS. David recently starred as the Talking Sailor Uniform SENKETSU, on the hit TV Series KILL LA KILL airing on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim; and can currently be heard as the Narrator in JO JO’s Bizarre Adventure and Phinks in Hunter x Hunter. David also stars in the Mega-hit Video Game SUPER SMASH BROS., as the character Robin from Fire Emblem: Awakening. SUPER SMASH BROS. Won Favorite Video Game at the People’s Choice Awards at the 42nd annual People’s Choice Awards in 2016.

Well known credits are:
MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: Iron Blooded Origins as Naze Turbine
CODE GEASS as Li Xingke
BLUE EXORCIST as Arthur August Angel
SUPER SMASH BROS. for Nintendo 3DS and SUPER SMASH BROS. for Wii-U as Robin
JIN KISARAGI & Hakumen in the hit video game and Anime series BLAZBLUE
Richard in TALES of GRACES
MARSHALL LAW & Forest Law in the hit video game franchise TEKKEN
STREET FIGHTER Franchise as T-Hawk
CASTLEVANIA as Richter Belmont.
FINAL FANTASY Crystal Chronicals as Keiss

https://www.facebook.com/OfficialDavidVincentFanpage or join his fan club at https://www.facebook.com/groups/DavidVincentsWindorPanthers/ for prizes and Autograph giveaways!

Follow him on Twitter @davidvincentva

Guest Announcement: Johnny Yong Bosch


Johnny Yong Bosch got his start fighting giant bugs as Adam Park, the Black Ranger, Green Zeo and Green Turbo Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It is a role that he would play for three and a half seasons on television, two motion pictures and two special guest appearances in future Power Rangers seasons.

After Power Rangers, Johnny became very involved in the world of voice over.  His first major voice acting role was Vash the Stampede in Trigun.  He later went on to voice Kaneda in Akira, Renton in Eureka Seven, Albert in The Count of Monte Cristo, Kiba in Wolf’s Rain, Itsuki in The Melancholy of Haurhi Suzumiya, Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach, Lelouch Lamperouge in Code Geass, Izaya in Durarara and Yukio in Blue Exorcist, Sasori in Naruto, Guren in Tenkai Knights, Nobita in Doraemon, Artemis in Sailor Moon, Nagate in the Netflix Original “Knights of Sidonia”, Makoto Tachibana in Free!, Nate in Yokai Watch, Orga in Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans, Haruo in Hi Score Girl, Kai in Forest of Piano, Giyu in Demon Slayer and many more.

Johnny’s voice can also be heard in numerous video games. Providing voices Nero in Devil May Cry 4 and 5 (including motion capture), Kuhn in .hack//G.U., Adachi/Narukami in Persona 4, Almaz in Disgaea 3, Emil in Tales of Symphonia, Guy in Tales of the Abyss, Firion in Final Fantasy Dissidia, Bumblebee in Transformers: War for Cybertron, Yang in Street Fighter IV, Zero in Marvel VS Capcom 3. Yukimura in Sengoku Basara, Torian Cadera in Star Wars The Old Republic and Kung Jin in Mortal Kombat X.

Johnny’s also the former frontman for the band Eyeshine and current singer-song writer for the band Where Giants Fall.

Guest Announcement: Mick Wingert

Mick Wingert

You may know him as Po, the panda on the new Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny, Iron Man in Marvel Avengers Assemble: Black Panther’s Quest, or as Slappy, the deranged ventriloquist’s dummy in Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, but these are just the tip of the iceberg for California native, Mick Wingert.

Originally hailing from the San Joaquin Valley, Mick has been a working voice actor since 2000 and has worked in television, film, stage, new media and live events.

In addition to his franchise heroes and villains, Mick Wingert can be heard as such iconic characters as Buena Festa in One Piece: Stampede [Toei Animation], Yapool in Ultraman [Tsuburaya Productions and Production I.G], HP Lovecraft in Bungo Stray Dogs [Bones], Taruga in Fist of the North Star: Paradise Lost [Atlus Games], Vigilante on the fifth season of Arrow [CW], TMNT’s Raphael in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan [Activision], and as Mr. Slugworth in Tom & Jerry: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory [WB Home Ent.] He has also performed in such animation and video game properties as Spiderman PS4 [Insomniac Games], Red Dead Redemption II [Rockstar Games], Batman: Assault on Arkham [WB Home Ent.], Elena of Avalor and Sofia the First [Disney], Titan Fall 2 [Bioware], Breadwinners [Nickelodeon], Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy [DisenyToon], T.U.F.F. Puppy [Nickelodeon], The Princess and the Frog [Disney], Batman: Year one [WB Home Ent.], The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes [Marvel], Bones [Fox], The No Sleep Podcast and more.

In 2018, Mick launched his own science fiction, horror audio drama podcast anthology featuring many of today’s top, working voice actors called, The Hidden Frequencies. [www.thehiddenfrequencies.com]

You can follow Mick on Twitter and Instagram under the handle @mickwingert.