NekoCon and Chaotic Harmony is proud to present Hollow Mellow at NekoCon 22, November 1-3, 2019 in Hampton, VA!
Hollow Mellow has a classical theme and expresses a worldview that is theatrical and progressive. Vocalist Iruma Rioka writes the lyrics and music and guitarist Nemu does the arrangement, and the unique compositions they create together fulfill their classical theme and have perfect balance.  Their songs hit their listeners like a bulls-eye, deeply piercing the darkness of the heart with strong, ephemeral lyrics. The fans are called “Rosebuds” and Hollow Mellow strongly appeals to those who like gothic lolita fashion. With their visuals and performance stabilized, Hollow Mellow was invited to participate in Japan Expo, Europe’s largest Japanese culture event, as well as many other overseas performances. They act as an icon to promote Japanese culture all over the world. They have also produced music for anime and video games and done modeling work.