Nekocon 2020 Virtual Cosplay Contest Judges

Our featured panel of Virtual Cosplay Judges for this year are not only prestigious and wonderful, but also top masters in their field.

CocoaSugar Cosplay:
CocoaSugar Cosplay has been an active cosplayer since 2008. Often creating her own projects from scratch, CocoaSugar Cosplay loves being able to express her creativity through cosplay, engage with the community, and learn new techniques along the way! CocoaSugar Cosplay is drawn to looks that provide an opportunity for embellishments or fun details (especially rhinestones – you can never have enough sparkle!). You can find her on Instagram or Facebook @cocoasugarcosplay.

Wig-Wig Cosplay:

Wig-Wig Cosplay is an award-winning competitive cosplay pair from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Paragon and SkyPirate have been cosplaying together since 2013 and have enjoyed traveling the country with costumes in tow. In 2019, they were the Team USA representatives for the International Cosplay League in Madrid, Spain, where they won first place in the duo category! They are best known for their combination of technical sewing and fabrication skills with entertaining performances. Their list of self-taught specialties include sewing, leatherwork, foamwork, wig-styling, propwork, silk painting, and many more. Alongside competition, they have been judging craftsmanship and performance as well as working to promote and assist cosplay departments and competitions. When not in the greenroom, Wig-Wig Cosplay has a passion for learning new techniques and skills, and they love sharing their knowledge and experience with the community.You can find them on Instagram or Facebook @wigwigcosplay.


Uncanny Valley:

Uncanny Valley is a designer, costumer, drag queen, and cosplayer from Richmond VA.  She is no stranger to a good competition having participated in cosplay, drag, and design competitions including the Her Universe Fashion show, a Geek Couture design competition held at San Diego Comic Con. Cosplaying since 2011, Uncanny began focusing on craftsmanship for competitions and has since won several awards including multiple Best in Shows. Her costuming experience and expertise has led her to be invited to judge at cons along the East Coast such as Katsucon and AnimeNext, and has run the Hall Costume Competition at Nekocon since 2014. Uncanny is currently an independent designer and seamstress creating garments for drag entertainers and is excited to be able to continue the tradition of the Nekocon Hall Costume Competition despite the unprecedented challenges this year has presented. You can find her on instagram at @missuncannyvalley.