Hall Craftsmanship Contest

The Hall Craftsmanship Contest is a COMPETITION for those who wish to have their costumes evaluated by a panel of judges, this year due to event cancellation this will be the only costume contest and submissions and judging will take place online.

Please read over the following rules before submitting your entry.

In order to compete you must have made 80% of your costume. If you are entering a costume where a model is being used, the costume creator must submit the entry and the model must be credited in the notes.

Costumes from western pop culture are allowed.

No original or fan-based costumes.

Groups will be allowed this year due to the online nature of the contest.

Costume must follow the NekoCon Cosplay guidelines.

Awards will be announced November 7 online.

Competition Award Categories

Best Overall Hall Craftsmanship
Best Master
Best Journeymen
Best Novice
Best Youth

Other awards may be presented as determined by the judges.

Category Explanations

Youth– Any entrant aged 13 years and younger. Youth entries may have help in creating their costumes. Entrants under 13 must be accompanied to their judging session by a parent or guardian, and have permission prior to entering.

Novice – Any costumer(s) who has won 2 or fewer craftsmanship awards. This is the category you select if you have never cosplayed before, or have not won any contests.

Journeyman – Any costumer(s) who has won 3 – 7 craftsmanship awards.

Master – Any costumer(s) who has won 8 or more craftsmanship awards.