First Time Exhibitors


Artists who mass-produce fan related art may apply to the Exhibitors Hall, however these types of exhibitors will be very limited. You may apply to the Artist Alley if you wish. If you create your own original art, fiber art, comics/manga, you are welcome to exhibit in the Exhibitors Hall. However, preference is given to returning exhibitors and new merchant exhibitors for available booths. Once you are in the Exhibitors Hall you can no longer go back to the Artist Alley in subsequent years.


The NekoCon, an Event Support Solutions Inc. event, (hereinafter NekoCon) Exhibitors Hall is a juried event, meaning NekoCon limits the type of merchandise that can be sold at the event, the number of exhibitors that can sell certain types of merchandise, and reserves the right to inspect and review any proposed merchandise. Exhibitors from previous years, guests and industry will get first priority. In order to become an exhibitor at NekoCon you must complete the online application located on the NekoCon website. Any questions you have regarding the application can be sent to When emailing the Exhibitor contact please provide your name, company name, and a means of contact. If you do not have a link to a website or a photobucket with images of your booth display/merchandise, the Exhibit Coordinator may ask you to email photos. Completion of the online application does not mean you have been selected for the NekoCon Exhibitors Hall. The Exhibitor Coordinator will contact all approved exhibitors once they have been approved. Once an Exhibitor is approved they will receive an exhibitor packet and be given information on how to submit payment. DO NOT SEND ANY PAYMENT UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED BY THE EXHIBIT COORDINATOR. 

We will try and fulfill your requests for booth placement within the hall as best we can, however please keep in mind that not every exhibitor can be at the front of the hall, have endcaps, or be along the walls. You will receive your booth number(s) approximately two months prior to the convention, though a preliminary map may be complete for viewing earlier. Once you have confirmed please check your email regularly for any updates. 

Also, be warned that you cannot do any of the following: purchase booths under your name for another exhibitor (you may make the payment for another exhibitor but must provide a separate contact for the actual exhibitor); share booths with any other exhibitors (we can try and accommodate booths in close proximity if possible); transfer your booth to another exhibitor(s). Anyone caught doing the above may be ejected at the discretion of the Exhibitor Coordinator and/or the Con Chair from the convention without a refund, and not permitted into the Exhibitors Hall at any future NekoCon or ESSI sponsored event.