Exhibitor Regulations


  1. The NekoCon convention (hereinafter NekoCon) and ESSI, does not condone the sale of any merchandise that violates United States copyright laws, nor the rights of the Byrne International Copyright Treaty. Items such as non-commercial VHS (fansubs), DVDs, LDs, CDs, models, posters, trading carts, t-shirts, and toys are protected under both the Byrne International Copyright Treaty, and by paragraph code 17, sections 605 and 606 of the U.S. International Trade Laws. Items such as VHS tapes, DVDs, LDs, CDs, audio cassettes, CD-ROM, rewritable discs, floppy discs, EPROM storage chips, models, toys, all printed media including posters, cards, books, magazines, scrolls (fabric or paper) etc., t-shirts or other clothing with printed art, are protected under both the Byrne International Copyright Treaty, and by paragraph code 17, sections 605 and 606 or the U.S. International Trade Laws. 

    For more information on issues of Japanese copyrights, we recommend that you contact the Japanese Institute of Intellectual Property

    Tel (202) 833-8565

    Fax (202) 833-5663

  2. Any merchandise that can be considered illegitimate in the best judgment by the Exhibitor Coordinator, our attorney or any of the senior staff of the convention, or which has been brought to our attention by any industry representatives, must be removed from the Exhibitors Hall upon request. Any exhibitor that persists in the sales of said merchandise after being told to remove it, will be removed from the Exhibitors Hall and ejected from the convention without a refund. 
  3.  At any time you may be asked to produce a Bill of Sale, or Import Papers showing the item(s) camee from Japan and are for business and not personal use. The item(s) must have a copyright notice somewhere on the packaging. This includes but is not limited to: (a) a Japanese tax sticker, (b) a date of manufacture, (c) the place of manufacture (i.e. 2017, Made in Japan, etc.), (d) information as to who the owning studio is (i.e. Bandai, Sony, Funimation, Crunchyroll, MediaBlasters, Viz Media, Sentai Filmworks, etc), (e) not be a known counterfeit item. 
  4. Due to the controversy over the legitimacy of certain items, the products from the following companies are fully banned from the Exhibitors Hall: SonMay Records CDs (sks SM Records), EverAnime International CDs, HoSan CDs, Alion CDs, Hook-Ups T-shirts (or other clothing with printed art), and the Academy Models line of Gundam and other anime related kits. This also includes the following media types: the all region (Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Korean etc) DVDs (live action or animation), all printed media including posters, cards, books, magazines, scrolls (fabric or paper) etc., which read Kodak, Fuji, etc on the back. 
  5. Booths must be staffed prior to opening the hall each day. We will not relay the hall opening for any exhibitor not at their booths by opening time. Furthermore, your booth needs to be fully staffed during opening hours. While NekoCon and Exhibitor Hall staff will be present they are not able to watch your booth at all times. Any theft should be reported to the Exhibitor Coordinator and the proper authorities. NekoCon, ESSI and the HRCC are not responsible or liable for any losses of merchandise.
  6. Noise from your booth including, but not limited to, music or television noise must be kept to a reasonable volume. Please be mindful of your neighbors and turn the volume down if they ask. If it becomes an issue and you are warned by NekoCon staff more than twice, you may be expelled from the Exhibitors Hall without refund. If you plan to play music/noise at your booth you must notify the Exhibitor Coordinator prior to the event for approval so you may be placed accordingly in the layout of the room. 
  7. Children must abide by the following rules. A) Children cannot rove around the Exhibitors Hall or HRCC handing out flyers or selling merchandise. B) Children may not play in the open areas of the Exhibitors Hall. C) Children may attend events at the convention or remain at your booth. D) Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 
  8. All exhibitors must abide by the rules and policies set forth by the HRCC, ESSI, and NekoCon.
  9. NekoCon, ESSI, and the HRCC prohibit the consumption and use of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances inside the convention and on convention center grounds. 
  10. Anyone removed from the convention for any reason will not be issued a refund. 


The regulations we enforce are for the protection of the companies, attendees, staff and exhibitors. We are taking stronger measures every year in regards to the legitimacy of the merchandise sold in our Exhibitors Hall. 

NekoCon is a private convention and reserves the right to make policy and regulations decisions that may differ from other conventions. It is your responsibility to review our policies and regulations and determine if you are comfortable doing business with us. We will gladly accept your feedback on our policies and regulations. All policies and regulations are subject to change without prior written notice. 

PLEASE NOTE: these policies and regulations are subject to change without prior written notice.



  1. No vehicles are allowed to park on the walkway in front; you will be towed. 
  2. You must not park your vehicle in the spaces directly behind the center, you will be towed.
  3. Use of nails, brads, tacks or any type of fasteners on wall, floors, doors or windows is prohibited. 
  4. Use of any kind of tape or adhesive on wall floors, doors or windows is prohibited. 
  5. Unauthorized solicitations are prohibited (this includes ‘bussing’ attendees to your store off-site and walking around the HRCC selling merchandise)
  6. Outside food and drinks are not allowed in the convention center.
  7. There is absolutely NO SMOKING/VAPING in the HRCC.
  8. The use of recreational drugs and alcohol on the grounds or inside the HRCC is strictly prohibited; discovery of use will result in immediate ejection from the convention and you will be turned over to the authorities.