To attend Nekocon, everyone age seven and up, is required to provide:

  1. Proof of a valid COVID-19 Vaccination Card (with both Pfizer or Moderna series vaccinations or single J&J vaccine – with the final vaccine dose administered prior to October 20th (if arriving Thursday), October 21st (if arriving Friday), October 22nd (if arriving Saturday) or October 23rd (if arriving Sunday), 2022 to ensure vaccine efficacy. Only the first series of vaccinations for Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax, or single J&J shot, are required. Updated boosters are highly recommended.


  1. Paperwork showing a negative COVID-19 test for the registrant that is no more than 3 calendar days old from the day of your arrival at the convention when you pick up your badge. If you are not fully vaccinated (as described above), you will still need to bring proof of a negative covid test. *Rapid and PCR covid tests are available at many locations. Please contact your local health department or other medical provider for information on testing. Nekocon is unable to provide information about testing locations.

We also accept HOME tests that are FDA approved which are: BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test, Ellume COVID-19 Home Test, and iHealth test kits – with the medical oversight provided by those tests.



Binax []

iHealth []

A photocopy is sufficient at this time, however your name must be visible and match your legal ID. *Do not email or scan copies to the con, you must bring them with you when you pick up your badge

YOUR VACCINATION CARD OR NEGATIVE TEST RESULTS MUST MATCH YOUR LEGAL ID with the exception of minors who do not have identification cards – if this is the case a school ID or a parent/guardians (in person) confirmation of identity will suffice. Please remember that neither Nekocon nor the HRCC are responsible for minors. Children 12 and under should always be accompanied by an adult. Children 13 and older who do not have legal identification should be accompanied by an adult. Parents or guardians are required to ensure that their children follow all Nekocon and HRCC policies. 


3) Nekocon will be offering the option for attendees to bring their own unopened, unexpired, home test to the convention with them and complete the test on-site in front of a trained proctor. This means you would bring your own test (such as the type that were available for free from the USPS) and just self-administer your own test at a specified location (to be determined) when you arrive before you pick up your badge. **At this time Nekocon is unable to provide a test for you. Many pharmacies have the option to purchase at-home tests for around $10 for two tests. If your test is positive you will unfortunately not be able to go through registration and attend the event. If it is negative you will be able to proceed to badge pick-up. Because we only have ONE authorized proctor and the tests take around 10 minutes to administer, this WILL slow down your entry to the convention. This person is authorized by the VDH to perform this service, however they are also a staff member with primary duties. If many people decide to use this option, it WILL create a line and could potentially take up to an hour or more to join the registration line (this service does not allow you to skip the line – once the test is taken you would simply join the registration like as normal with your confirmation from our proctor that you have completed the test). The proctor will operate on an on-call basis within the following hours:

Thursday: 7p – 9p

Firday: 9a – 8p

Saturday: 10a – 1p
4p  – 8p

When you arrive, simply let the nearest logistics staffer (they will have a radio and be stationed near the entry doors)

*These times may be subject to change but we will let you know as soon as possible if they do.

As an example, this is one of the most inexpensive options that is widely available and FDA approved:

FDA approved extended expirations for home tests:

Many libraries also offer free testing kits for pick-up even if you do not have a library call. It’s recommended to call first to make sure they have them in stock.

Testing resources – Find where to get a free covid test in your area

The above policies apply to EVERYONE (attendees, staff, contractors, exhibitors, artists, etc.) No exemptions.  (Please remember that Nekocon is not a HIPAA entity and therefore your disclosure of vaccination covid-testing status is voluntary. If you choose not to disclose, you will be denied entry to Nekocon event spaces.) If you have a valid medical exemption, or any other questions or concerns, please email for further information.


Masks are required inside all convention spaces and must be worn over the nose and mouth (except for brief periods for actively eating or drinking) for everyone age 2 and older per CDC recommendations and updated Virginia Department of Health recommendations. No mesh masks, or masks with holes. No full plastic (must have fabric edges) masks. No masks with exhalation valves.

*At this time, face shields are permitted to be worn by those who medically cannot wear a mask, per CDC recommendations



Social distancing (6-feet between parties) is encouraged whenever possible. Please remember to wash your hands frequently. Sanitizer will be available around the convention center.

Rooms may have reduced occupancy, including Exhibits, Artist Alley, Panels, and Events. Rooms may also require additional time between panels and events for sanitizing. Some rooms may also have floor arrows to reduce congestion in high traffic areas – please follow this recommended flow of traffic whenever possible. Please pay attention to any signage throughout the convention center for additional safety protocols for certain areas.

As always – only food bought and sold inside the HRCC can be consumed in the HRCC. For added precaution this year, food may only be consumed in the concessions area of Hall C or the vending areas. *Staff/Exhibitors/Artists/Contractors may eat at their table location or in designated staff areas if they are unable to leave their stations for a break, however they must pull their mask back up if/when approached by an attendee.

Respect the wishes of everyone at the convention – If someone asks you to pull up your mask, or give them some space, please do so. Do not harass anyone wearing a mask. Please find your nearest con-safety staffer (staff are identifiable by their vertically aligned badges) so they may address any issues or concerns. Anyone in violation, especially repeated violations, of COVID-19 protocols, or any convention policies, may be subject to expulsion from the event without refund. 

Additional Information For Your Convenience


Guests may pull their masks down upon request if they are comfortable (and with the attendees permission), for the duration of photos only, during their slotted autographs times at their booths in Hall B. The guest and attendee must remain six feet away from others if the guest chooses to remove their mask for the duration of a photo. Some guests will not remove their masks and signage will be posted at their table if this is the case. Attendees are not to remove their masks. Please do not touch guests without their permission.


Our photobooth is located inside Hall B in the Artist Alley section of the room. Attendees are permitted to remove their masks for the duration of their photos within the confines of the photosuite area.

Main Events

Guests, cosplayers, and others will be permitted to remove their masks if they choose when they are on stage in main events. We will also be using disposable mic covers and sanitizing microphones between speakers/performers.


Panelists/Guests will be allowed to wear face shields for the duration of their panel only. The panelists must provide their own face shields if they choose to wear one for their panel (see Karaoke for exception). If the panelist does not choose to wear a face shield they provided, they must wear their mask. We will be using disposable mic covers and sanitizing microphones between speakers/performers.


Masks are still required during the dances, however if it impedes your breathing you should step away and take a break to remove the mask at a safe distance (at least 20ft) from others until you are able to put it back on. (Please do not pass out!)


Disposable face shields will be provided to karaoke participants for use during their performance, if they choose to use them (otherwise you must wear your mask). We will be using disposable mic covers and sanitizing between performers and the room layout will provide safe distance between performers and attendees.

Maid Cafe/Host Club

Masks will be required at the Maid Café/Host Club until you have been seated and served. The maids and hosts will be wearing masks throughout both table and picture services, please do not ask them to remove their masks.


Masks must remain on while inside the building for photos. For photoshoots organized by Nekocon that take place outdoors, we recommend masks and social distancing when possible. However, the photoshoot coordinator will not enforce precautions outside of the venue so your participation and safety protocols are for you to decide. Please do not ask the staff or coordinator to ask someone to put their mask on during a group photo outdoors.


The mascots would love to take photos with you but will be keeping their masks on. Please respect their personal space and do not touch them without permission.


If your costume requires a full head covering of any kind, you must still wear a Covid-19 appropriate mask underneath. For example – inflatable t-rex costumes, motorcycle helmets, or fursuit heads are not considered covid appropriate ‘masks.’

Updated 10/25/22