Carolina Manga Library comes to NekoCon!

From scary stories to magical girls, Carolina Manga Library is going to be brining a selection of manga for the reading crowd of NekoCon.


The Carolina Manga Library is a non-profit organization that sets up free libraries at conventions for all attendees to enjoy. They bring over 5000 manga, American graphic novels, webcomics, and novels for fans to enjoy. By setting up a quiet place for people to relax at conventions, the Library seeks to promote literacy through the medium that they love.

The Library was founded in 2013, debuting at Nashicon in Columbia, South Carolina. Since then, the Library has been guests at conventions all over the Southern states and their collection becomes larger with every passing month, having expanded to all forms of graphic novels. Their expert staff of librarians and library assistants are also experts in all things manga and graphic novels, so feel free to ask them for recommendations for new series!

All Hallow Queenz Drag Show!

Let’s get ready to celebrate Meowloween by welcoming back by popular demand NekoCon’s very own All Hallow Queenz!  They will be performing twice Saturday night to some of your favorite spooky songs! As an extra treat, and this is no trick, all money will go to our charities.








Lily Dolce of Smithfield VA. Lily loves to live on the edge and grace the stage with passion. Lily can be caught at 37th and Zen once a month for an amazing drag brunch








Jasmine Spaulding of Richmond Virginia. Jasmine loves displaying her creatively unique talents of make-up and costume designs. Jasmine is a former title holder of Miss Dreamgirls. You can catch Jasmine host her amazing drag brunch at 37th and Zen located locally in Norfolk VA









Jasleane Jade of Virginia Beach VA. Jasleane has been working in the industry of a decade, and is fiercely famed all over Virginia. You can catch her locally at 37th and Zen and The Rainbow Cactus Company.








Chanel Temple of Suffolk VA. Chanel loves entertaining and aspires to one day be a crowned diva. Chanel Temple works very hard with the community and is loved by many. You can catch all her shows locally at 37th and Zen in Norfolk VA.

Welcome Back Lovely Heart Maid Cafe!

Nekocon is ecstatic to bring back Lovey Heart Maid Cafe!


Okaerinasaimase goshujinsama, ojousama! We are Lovely Heart Maid Cafe, a Hampton Roads based maid cafe event group formed by fans of anime, Akihabara, and all things moe! We are inspired by maid cafes in Japan such as @home Cafe and Maidreamin and want to bring the experience to Hampton Roads!

Open Staff Drive

Open Staff Drive is live for Nekocon 2019!
If you are interested in volunteering your time to help out the event, applications can be found at  OPEN STAFF DRIVE.

Staff for Nekocon will receive certain perks such as multiple meals a day, staff social on Sunday at the end of the convention, a staff t-shirt, and a free badge for the weekend.