Cosplay Craft Faire

Come and join us Thursday night from 7-10pm and Friday morning  from 11am-2pm at the Cosplay Craft Faire! Here you can bring your old costumes, cosplay accessories, sewn or constructed crafty items, notions, fabrics, fabric scraps, props and prop materials, and wigs to buy, sell, or trade among the cosplay community. No new items for resale, cosplay related items only, no hardware such as machines, parts, scissors, etc.
The Craft Faire participation is a first-come/first-served, non-refundable and non-transferable area for vendors and attendees purchasing items.

Fan Photoshoots!

You want to have people know about a photoshoot you are hosting?  Please complete the fan photosoot form below to have your shoot added to our online schedule.  All requests are due by Oct 20th to make it onto our schedule.

Fan Photoshoot Coordination Form

For those looking at what photoshoots are being held, don’t forget to keep an eye on our photoshoot schedule!

Photoshoot Schedule

If you have any questions or need assistance in choosing a location for your photoshoot, please email

Featured Panelist:Voidmynx Cosplay

0001_wmLaura Williams, AKA Voidmynx Cosplay, has been creating her own award winning costumes and props since 2015. She specializes in Worbla and EVA foam armor techniques. Laura has a passion for teaching others in the cosplay community and helping them reach their goals by sharing her knowledge, skills, and techniques. Laura frequents many local anime and comic conventions in the area supporting the cosplay scene as a positive force for community and well being.

Her cosplay facebook page:

Her cosplay instagram:
Photography courtesy of John Cachero
John Cachero Photography
@ johncachero
@ photosbyjohncachero

Cosplay Chess Piece Applications are OPEN!

Come and Join us at Nekocon 21 Cosplay Chess!

Chess will be held on Sunday, please fill out the application below to apply to be a chess piece. The application closes September 16th at midnight to give us time to notify chosen

Theme will be chosen based on the applicant pool and announced Monday, September 17th.

Rules of the Game
1) You do not need to know how to play chess in order to be a chess piece.
2) You must be over the age of 16 to participate.
3) You MUST be in costume, and you MUST be able to commit 1.5 hours of time to chess on Sunday.
4) It is not a requirement, but we prefer people give a theatrical performance on the chess board instead of just standing and moving from square to square. The more theatrics the better, just keep it family friendly.
5) We prefer anime costumes but costumes from all genres will be considered, no original characters. You must be able to move freely in your costume.
6) If you are not selected you may visit the info booth to be put on the backup waitlist at con.
7) Selected characters will be notified prior to the convention and must check-in at the info booth by Sunday at 12 (noon). If you do not check-in your spot may
be given to a backup. If you do not arrive in time for chess set-up your spot may be given to a backup.
8) You may apply with multiple costumes for a better chance at being selected. You must fill out the application for each character/costume.