Exhibitor General Info (FYI)

If you are an artist producing fan related art, you will have to apply to the Artist Alley as all fan art is prohibited from sale in the Exhibitors Hall. If you create your own original art, fiber art, comics/manga, you are welcome to exhibit in the Exhibitors Hall. However, preference is given to returning exhibitors and new merchant exhibitors for available booths. You must provide us with the requested information just like any new exhibitor would; being in NekoCon’s Artist Alley in previous years does not exempt you from this. Once you exhibit in the Exhibitors Hall, you can no longer go back to the Artist Alley in subsequent years.

Merchandise can only be sold at your booths. NO ONE may sell merchandise outside of their booth location, and sales from hotel rooms or lobbies, other parts of the convention center or grounds, or sales by roving people in the Exhibitors Hall are prohibited. This would be a violation of the hotel, convention center, and NekoCon’s policies. Anyone found doing so, will be referred to hotel and convention center security. That and any other illegal activities will be referred to the proper authorities and will result in ejection from NekoCon without any refund.

NekoCon enforces a strict anti-piracy policy for its Exhibitors Hall. Our goal is to reduce anime piracy that hurts the anime industry; i.e. counterfeit merchandise OF ANY KIND. We do not intend to argue over the exact lineage or history of items that MIGHT be illegal depending on how they were imported. Any violation will come with a warning, at which time the exhibitor will be asked to remove the offending merchandise completely from the Exhibitors Hall. Failure to comply is cause for removal from the convention, forfeiting all exhibitor fees. The NekoCon staff will use its best efforts to identify and remove any illegal or counterfeit merchandise. Exhibitors should report any concerns to the Exhibitor Coordinator at the convention exhibitor office. In addition to checking throughout the convention, NekoCon staff will make a complete tour, at which time you will be asked to remove any questionable merchandise immediately; this is non-negotiable. If you have some legal right, license or other authority to sell the questionable goods, please submit this to us before the convention and have the same available at your booth for inspection, should it be requested. Any merchandise sold without tags, packaging or similar source identifying materials must have such materials available for inspection upon request by NekoCon staff and/or legal representation. The decision of the NekoCon Exhibitor Coordinator, NekoCon Con Chair and/or NekoCon’s legal counsel regarding the status of and ability of an exhibitor to sell any questionable merchandise is final. Our suggestion: LEAVE THE COUNTERFEIT MERCHANDISE AT HOME!

YOU MUST PHOTO ID ALL con-goers for age (must be over 18 years of age) if they are purchasing weapons and looking at or purchasing adult materials. Anyone caught selling weapons (other than wooden/bamboo bokens and plastic/resin prop weapons) or adult materials to minors will be subject to expulsion from NekoCon without refund of their booth space. Exhibitors selling weapons, please be sure to peace bond the item (also tag the wooden/bamboo bokens and plastic/resin prop weapons so that we know that they were sold not stolen). Unless you have been specifically authorized in writing in advance by the Exhibitor Coordinator, you may not sell any such products. Our suggestion: LEAVE THE LIVE STEEL AT HOME!

WEAPONS: Any exhibitor may sell the wooden/bamboo bokens and plastic/resin prop weapons; however, we are limiting the number of live steel exhibitors at NekoCon at this point in time. This is due to safety, liability, and policing issues. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes you, but at this time we feel it is necessary. LEAVE THE LIVE STEEL AT HOME.

ADULT MATERIALS: Due to problems that have occurred in the past at NekoCon, the policy concerning the display of adult materials has been changed. You are now required to cover up any “naughty bits” of items that are exposed for sale; ie use paper, put the items in a brown cardboard box with a sign indicating “Over 18 yrs of Age”, etc. DO NOT bring attention to said materials via “hawking” out loud; this will get you removed from the con and not allowed back….and we do mean this. Also, this is a family convention and the sale of adult sex toys is prohibited.

HATE Paraphernalia: Due to complaints about exhibitors selling what is deemed to be “hate” paraphernalia at other conventions, we at NekoCon have decided that this type of merchandise will not be tolerated. You cannot sell, display or wear anything deemed to be in this category. This includes, but is not limited to, racial, ideological, religious and same sex hate propaganda, items, clothing, etc. The Exhibitor Coordinator and the NekoCon convention staff have final say as to what does or does not qualify as hate paraphernalia. If you have any questions about whether any merchandise you have falls under this, please contact the Exhibitor Coordinator. (e.g. Hetalia Axis Powers licensed anime merchandise is allowed; Nazi paraphernalia is not)

All Japanese snack items must be pre-packaged or individually sealed. You just submit a list of all Japanese snack items you want to sell at the NekoCon convention to the Exhibitor Coordinator by email (exhibitors@nekocon.com) no later than October 1 of the convention year.

Items that have adhesive backing can not be sold in the Exhibitor Hall. This does not include decals/stickers that are included in model kits/sealed trading card packs/toys; only the “loose” single type of this item. This policy is due to the misuse of these items.

You are permitted to sell grab bags. However, NekoCon’s Exhibitor Coordinator and/or convention staff must check the contents of the bags prior to being sealed.

Sale of contact lenses are specifically prohibited, and cannot be sold at NekoCon.

NekoCon is always more than happy to accept prize support (and donations to our charity auction) from exhibitors who would like to help out. Contact the Exhibitor Coordinator for further information; they are more than willing to work out a mutually beneficial agreement with you.

While it’s greatly appreciated that you want to host a panel at NekoCon, please be advised that NekoCon cannot compensate you for hosting any panels.

The Hampton Roads Convention Center does not accept packages before the convention. Exhibitors may wish to ship merchandise ahead of time to the hotels where they are staying or to the decorating company. You must contact the decorating company directly for more information and a schedule of fees. You will be responsible for any and all fees if you take advantage of this service. If you require this service, please contact the Exhibitor Coordinator and the drayage form will be sent to you.

Many hotels will accept advance shipments. It is each exhibitor’s responsibility to contact the individual hotel where they are staying to see if they will accept advance shipments, and what instructions must be followed. Again, you are responsible for any and all fees that the hotel may charge.