Artist Alley FAQ

Question: How big are the tables this year?
Answer: Standard/regular tables 6 foot x 2 foot in length. PRO ROW tables are 8 foot x 2 foot in length. The width of the table is subject to change at our venue’s discretion.

Question: I heard about PRO ROW tables – what’s this about?
Answer: PRO-ROW is a bigger space for artists with huge displays/inventory! It comes with an 8ft table, two chairs and floor space marked off for the artist to use. This is the only space that is allowed to use the floor space as an expansion of their table display.

Question: What happened to Half tables?
Answer: Only Full tables are sold. If you want to split your table, that is up to you.

Question: Am I allowed to have a table mate who is selling at my table?
Answer: Yes. Each table can have up to two artist/studio names noted on the Artist Alley map (example: bunnyhop/cat scratch studio). BUT rules will regulate your TOTAL space as a whole and not by individual artists residing in the same space. The owner (original person who submitted the request) will be held responsible for all actions on their table. If a table mate, or vise versa owner, is found violating a rule, the table/space as a whole will be held accountable and possibly removed.

Question: I have a friend who also purchased a table and we would like to push our tables together to create a mega booth. Is this allowed?
Answer: No. Each artist can request to be placed beside or near another artist but they cannot share merchandise or display items that give the appearance of one large booth instead of individual artists.

Question: How many AA badges do I get?
Answer: Each table can host up to two artists. Pro-row may request up to three. See below for future info about badges.

Question: I paid for my Artist Alley table but it doesn’t include badges?
Answer: Correct. Your badge must be purchased separately through regular registration. There is no special Artist Alley badge link, we simply match up your name from your membership registration to your artist alley registration.

Question: Wait, the table doesn’t cover my entry fee?
Answer: The Artist Alley Table Request ONLY covers the cost of the table setting, chairs and a valid place to sell artist wares. In order to participate in Artist Alley, artists will be required to purchase a full membership. Only those with Artist Alley badge are allowed to sell and sit behind tables at any given time during the NekoCon event.

Question: What do these Artist Alley badges do for me?
Answer: The only two advantages the Artist Alley badge will do for you is to ensure an early entry to Artist Alley area (Hall B) for setup each day and permit only those wearing said badge to be behind the tables at any given time. (Yes, we do check and have been known to remove squatters and non-artists from behind tables). Other than that, your Artist Alley Badge is also your Con Membership Badge! This badge acts just like a regular weekend pass with same access to other NekoCon events.

Question: But I paid for my Full Membership already! What now?
Answer: The Artist Alley Department will be in communication with the Registration Department. To avoid any needless confusion, it is advised to make sure your name on your membership registration and Artist Alley registration matches.

Question: How many chairs does each table have?
Answer: Two.

Question: But I have more than 2 people at my table, what now?
Answer: Each table has a max of two artists that can reside behind the space. Give your fellow table mates a break and take turns manning the space! E-mail Artist Alley about acquiring extra Artist Alley badges for your extra table help! Artist Alley badges at-the-door are VERY limited.

Question: What are the Artist Alley hours this year?

Day Artist Set-Up Artist Alley Hours of Operation Artist Take-Down
Thursday 7pm to 11pm N/A N/A
Friday 10am to 12pm 12pm to 9pm 9pm to 10pm
Saturday 9am to 10am 10am to 8pm 8pm to 9pm
Sunday 9am to 10am 10am to 4pm 4pm to 6pm

Question: Do I need to get a Vendors Permit to sell in Artist Alley?
Answer: Temporary vendor permits are given out at Artist Alley for Artists to fill out for that weekend.

Question: I need power to my table!
Answer: Artist Alley does not provide electricity to the tables. However, you can submit the HRCC electricity request form on your own. When submitting, make note that you are an artist in Hall B and the HRCC will follow up with Artist Alley for placement.

Question: Could you give me examples of what is kosher in Artist Alley?
Answer: Your artwork on t-shirts, music, CD, DVD, calendars, drawings, paintings, prints, comics, doujinshi, .zines, sketches, cel art, pins, buttons, posters, etc.

Question: What about Fan Art at my table?
Answer: You may not solely display and sell fan art. It is strongly suggested that fan art should not take more that 50% of your items. If we see that fan art is taking up to much of your table space you may be asked by the head of Artist Alley or any of the Artist Alley staff to rectify the situation (I.E. Displaying more of your original art). If the Department Head or any of the Staff deem something as a copyright infringement you will be asked to remove it once. If it becomes necessary to ask you to remove it a second time you will be ejected from the convention. Fanart prints should be kept to 20 or less copies per image.

Question: So I can have 50% fan art at my table? AWESOME!
Answer: YES! But keep in mind: the 50/50 rule pertains to your entire space. If you are splitting your table with a table mate and they only bring fan art to sell, you would have to bring enough original art to satisfy the requirement.

Question: Could you give me examples of what is kosher for Fiber/3D Art?
Answer: Your handy-work in clay/polymer/resin models, ears/tails, jewelry, costumes, custom plushies, props, bags, gothic lolita, etc.

Question: I love to upcycle and create all my merchandise that way! Is that allowed?
Answer: Upcycling is an awesome way to recycle and it can really show how creative an artist can be BUT please keep in mind if it uses COPYRIGHT images, symbols, icons, etc., and there is no written permission of free use by the copyright owner(s), it’s not allowed in the Artist Alley.

Question: Can I make NekoCon related merchandise to sell at my table?
Answer: NekoCon™, its title, mascots, logo, and art are trademarks of Event Support Solutions, Inc. (ESSI). No likenesses thereof are permitted to be sold in Artist Alley.

Question: What is not allowed in Artist Alley?
Answer: No duplication/reproduction of licensed material. No (re)selling of commercial products. No weapons. No bootlegging or piracy. No garage sale-like items. No stickers. No consumables (food/candy)

Question: Why can’t we sell stickers (or anything with an adhesive backing)?
Answer: As stated in Artist Alley Rules: The Hampton Roads Convention Center has disallowed the sale of stickers as they are considered an act of potential vandalism on their grounds. DO NOT BRING THEM.

Question: Got my table approved, but I need to add items to my selling list!
Answer: As stated on the Artist Alley submission form: Please be as specific as possible on your selling list. Items not listed on the final form that we print out at the con will be ask to be removed from your table. Updates to your selling list can be noted via email to Artist Alley up to 3 weeks prior to convention date.

Question: Will Artist Alley be locked during the night?
Answer: YES. Hall B (where Artist Alley is located) will be locked after Artist Alley closing and will be open the following day according to the AA hours listed on the website (and above). Artist may get in up to an hour earlier to set back up/ reorganize their table prior to reopening the Hall. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR ARTIST ALLEY BADGE WITH YOU TO GAIN EARLY ENTRY. Common sense tells you to take valuables when you leave at night as NekoCon and its staff cannot be held responsible for loss.

Question: Oh no! I just found out I cannot attend! What about a refund?
Answer: Tables and memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Question: If one of the artists in the studio/collaboration piece is unable to attend the convention, is their work allowed to be displayed/sold?
Answer: Collaborations are traditionally done with more than one artist’s hand in creating it and, so long as one of the artist in the collaboration is present at the convention, is perfectly fine to sell in Artist Alley.

Question: But what about those that are not collaborations but done by the artists in the studio on their own?
Answer: We understand that studios don’t always collab with each art piece created within the group. Our suggestion is to play it safe and not bring any pieces made solo of any individual not physically attending the convention.. it’ll make more space for your own art!

Question: My friend has an Exhibitions Hall booth and I have an Artist Alley table. We both collab on work and are selling the same stuff.
Answer: There is NO crossover between Exhibitions Hall and Artist Alley allowed. You will need to pick which area your collaborations will be sold in and keep them there throughout the remaining weekend.

Question: I’m going to be late checking in/will not be there until Saturday. What should I do?
Answer: Contacting us ASAP will save you time and headaches later: if you know you won’t be able to come in before Saturday’s deadline, LET US KNOW. Any tables not claimed by NOON on Saturday will be sold at the Artist Alley Staff Table ($90), unless arrangements for late arrival have been made with the Artist Alley Department Head.

Question: So what restrictions should I be aware of for my table display?
Answer: All displays must be secured and stable. For safety reasons, Artists with wobbling or falling displays will be asked to take them down. Free standing photo stands and displays must touch the table top, they cannot wing out behind your seating space. Likewise, displays that go beyond the horizontal boundaries of the table or impede on other artist’s space will be asked to be removed. Height restrictions are in place at the max of 5 feet off the top of the table(s) or 8 feet from the floor to the top of your display.

Question: What about corner spots, can I use the space there?
Answer: Tables that form the corner cannot use the blank space between the two. Entrance/Exits into the Table Islands CANNOT be blocked in any way. Tables flanking these areas CANNOT have anything protruding out from the open side that may impede artist foot traffic.

Question: Say, my friends are here to help me out! Can they help me set up/behind the table?
Answer: Friends are great, but not when it clogs up the inside of an already limited area. If your friend(s) do not possess an Artist Alley badge, they will be asked to move out from behind the tables. Whether they are extra help or just chit-chatting, any one without a AA badge CANNOT enter early or stay after hours in HALL B.

Question: I didn’t get a space / am on the waiting list, but really want a chance at a table!
Answer: We strive to have any open table covered by an artist on the waiting list prior to the convention. But there is always a chance of open/unclaimed tables at con and any available space will be for sale at the AA staff table in Hall B at NOON on Saturday. Price: $90 per standard 6ft table.

Question: Brrrr! I recall it being cold in Hall B last year. Can’t we adjust the temperature?
Answer: Sadly, no. Even if an air wall divides us, Hall A & B share the same air ducts and it is constantly hot in the other hall. We suggest bringing a jacket or blanket to weather the indoor chill.

Question: What is a Juried Show?
Answer: The annotation ‘juried’ means you must submit website or image links which are reviewed by a jury (a knowledgeable committee) and your work will be accepted into the show based on technical skill, creativity, the medium, and/or other requirements worth recognizing. Hobbyists and Professional alike are welcome to submit once the table request forms are activated.

Question: Why Jury the AA: PRO ROW?
Answer: Believe it or not, this is done with the artist and studio’s best interest in mind. It’s not much fun to compete in a market over saturated with items you also make, right? This is why the Jury team would like to see/know what type of things you are planning to bring. However, the Jury also knows it’s inevitable that certain type of artwork/crafts/items are very abundant because of popularity or best selling – so in the end the team tries to get a healthy variety of participants so that everyone gets a chance to make it worth the trip.

Question: What does the AA Jury look for?
Answer: In the Table request form, there is a section that asks for 2 links: artist/studio website or portfolio, online gallery, picture-hosting gallery, online store / shop, etc… though applicants can add as many links they want to show. The AA Jury looks for many things (like what is stated above) as well as: what the table will have for sale (ex: table display photos, etsy, etc.), portfolio of original art and fan art (ex: DA, FB, art blogs, etc.). What the AA Jury would like to see is a healthy mix of the artist/studio creativity and show that they can stay within the rules set forth by the convention (ex: a link filled with only fan art isn’t the best foot forward in this case).