Art Show

Interested in participating in NekoCon’s Art Show? Read below for information on how to enter your art pieces!

Artist Information for Control Sheets & Bid Sheets and How to Complete the Art Show Form
1. Your Artist ID is the first two Letters of your last name followed by the first two letters of your first name. For example, the Artist ID for “John Smith” would be “SMJO”. In the event of duplicate IDs, we will add a sequential number (SMJO1, SMJO2). This ID will be entered on the control sheet in UPPERCASE letters.

2. Each piece of art will have a sequential two Digit item number. Each item will be numbered on the control sheet as 01, 02, 03, and so on.

3. The Control Number for each piece of artwork should be written on the bid sheet: the control number will be the Artist ID, a hyphen, and the item number. For example: SMJO-01, SMJO-02, etc.

4. The title of a piece must indicate Originals and Limited Editions. The title on both the control sheet and bid sheet should include the edition number and edition size for limited runs; for example, “Harajuku Girl (#25 of 250)”. Original works should append the word “original” in parentheses to the title; for example, “Fest of Fire (original)”. Titles without indicators are presumed to be from an open-ended print run.

5. Each item must specify either a “Minimum Bid” or “NFS”. The minimum bid amount or NFS (Not For Sale) must be written on both the control sheet and bid sheet. The bid amount must be specified in whole US dollars.

6. Each for-sale item may optionally specify a “Quick Sale” price. The Quick Sale price must be written on both the control sheet and bid sheet. The price must be specified in whole US dollars. Quick Sales are optional; if a piece is not to have a Quick Sale price then that column should be crossed out on both the control sheet and bid sheet. As a guideline, the Quick Sale price should be at least 150% to 200% of the minimum bid.

7. The “Final Sale” column of the control sheet should be left blank. This column is for the final tally of sold art at the end of the show, and will be filled in by the Art Show Staff.

8. The bid sheets have space for four bids. Any piece that receives four bids will be sent to the voice auction that will be held on Sunday. The Art Show Staff will place a sticker on the bid sheet to indicate that a piece is going to the voice auction. Pieces that have been Quick Sold will not go to auction, as those can only have the one bid for quick sale. Items that do not receive further bids in the voice auction will go to highest listed bidder.

9. All paperwork must be verified by the Art Show Staff to complete check-in. The Art Show Staff will review the control sheet and bid sheets to verify that the information on both is consistent. Once verified, items may not be withdrawn from the show, nor can minimum bids or quick sale prices be changed. The registration form must be signed by the artist or agent, indicating agreement to all of these stated rules.

10. All Information Should Be Printed Neatly on the Control and Bid Sheets. See the next section for instructions on filling out the forms electronically.


Instructions for Filling out the Art Show Forms
1. Download the forms. The forms are stored in a Google Spreadsheet that can be downloaded as an Excel document or PDF for filling in by hand. The spreadsheet template contains four tabs: the Registration Form, the Control Sheet, Control Sheet (continued), and the Bid Sheets. The Control Sheet (continued) is for if you  have more items than what will fit on the first page. The Bid Sheets will print four per page.

2. Save the file with a new filename. The spreadsheet is Read-Only to prevent accidental changes to the base forms. Each tab within the template is also protected, so that you do not accidentally alter the layout of the form. When you download, it will automatically be converted to a new spreadsheet. Save the spreadsheet as NekoCon-XXXX, where XXXX is your Artist ID. Reminder: Your Artist ID is the first two Letters of your last name followed by the first two letters of your first name.

3. Complete the Artist Contact Information on the Registration Form. If you use a studio name, nickname, or alias, that may be entered here and used on both the bid sheets and the control sheet; however, the Registration Form must also have a legal name listed on it along with a valid mailing address. Without a legible name and address, the convention will not be able to issue payment for any art sold. If you are not submitting work through an agent, please write in ‘N/A’ in that section, otherwise, it must be filled out completely.

Attendees often have questions or comments for an artist. In such cases, the Art Show Staff will not give out the artist’s mailing address or phone number. However, we will give them the artist’s email or website address, unless otherwise requested by the artist.

4. Indicate your preferences on the Registration Form. Please specify to whom a check for sold art should be written, even if it is the same as your legal name. If you consent to press coverage, enter “Y” in the corresponding box; otherwise, enter “N” or simply leave the box blank. Specify how much space (number of panels and/or tables) you will need.

5. Fill out the Control Sheet. Enter your Artist ID in UPPERCASE letters in the box at top right. If you are submitting more than 20 items, indicate “Page 1 of 2” below your Artist ID. Also indicate “Page 2 of 2” on the continuation page. You must also continue the item numbering on the second page (21, 22, and so on).

Enter either your nickname or legal name in the Artist box.

Leave the Location box blank; this indicates where your art is located within the show and will be filled in by Art Show Staff.

The Check In/Out and Amount sections will also be filled out by the Art Show Staff on-site.

Refer to the instruction above for details on filling out the rest of the control sheet.

6. Fill out the Bid Sheets. You must complete the top half of each bid sheet, one sheet for each item being submitted. If you are submitting more than 16 items, you can create another tab in the spreadsheet. Right-click on the “Art Show Bid Sheets” tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet, then select the “Move or Copy” menu option. In the dialog box, select “(move to end)” from the list and check the “Create a copy” box, then click “OK”. A new tab named “Art Show Bid Sheets (2)” will be added to the spreadsheet, giving you 16 more bid sheets that can be filled out.

7. Save the Spreadsheet! Before you get a lot of work done in it, go ahead and save your spreadsheet, rather than waiting until everything is filled out. That way, you won’t lose any information or need to retype it all. Again, the filename of the spreadsheet should include your Artist ID.

8. Submit your paperwork to NekoCon ahead of time or bring it with you. Attach a copy of the Registration Form to an email and send it to to reserve your space, or you can bring it with you to NekoCon when you bring your artwork.