Guest Announcement for Nekocon 21: Tara Jayne Sands

Now that the Catpocalypse has passed, we move on to more exciting times to come with our first guest announcement of the year! NekoCon 21 welcomes Tara Jayne Sands!

Tara Jayne Sands can be heard as over 50 characters on the original Pokemon series, including Bulbasaur, Richie, Jasmine, Oddish, and Tori. Other roles include Biscuit in Hunter x Hunter, Mokuba in Yugioh, Kari in Digimon Adventure Tri, Circe in Generator Rex, Summer in Barbie: Life In The Dream House, Karla in Gundam Thunderbolt, Kombu Infinity in One Punch Man, Cynthia in Pokemon Generations, Anna in Shaman King, Kippie in Glitter Force Doki Doki, the voice of the plants on Netflix’s Disjointed, Tyler and Angel in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Chase in Fighting Foodons, and lots more. Some video game credits include Fire Emblem Echoes, Dead Island, God Eater 2,Danganronpa, Tales of Berseria, Tales of Symphonia, and others. Upcoming projects include roles on Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Anohana, and some top secret stuff!

Tara has narrated over 150 audiobooks and for over 100 episodes, Tara was the on-camera host of the Cartoon Network show “Fridays.” There, Tara interviewed dozens of celebrities and had more on-camera food fights than she cares to remember.

You can follow Tara on instagram and twitter @TaraSandsLA


Charity Announcement: Virginia Living Museum

Even at the end of the world it is good to be charitable. This year our charity proceeds will be going to the Virginia Living Museum.  The Virginia Living Museum will also be providing presentations including live animal demonstrations.




The Virginia Living Museum has celebrated 51 years of stimulating knowledge, awareness and appreciation of the living world.

Created by two community organizations to promote science education, the museum continues to be a museum leader in its use of native wildlife to present its message. Museum visitors encounter more habitats, wildlife and plant species than would be encountered in a lifetime of outdoor adventures in Virginia. The exhibits showcase all of the state’s regions from the upland coves of the Appalachian Mountains to the salty offshore waters of the Atlantic Ocean and feature more than 250 different animal species, including 11 that are endangered or threatened.

Throughout its history, the museum has received strong community support, currently serving more than 7,000 member households and utilizing the services of 500 active volunteers. The private, non-profit museum also continues to hold itself to the highest standards – it is one of only 13 institutions in the country that is accredited by both the American Alliance of Museums and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. In 2015, the museum received the Governor’s Environmental Excellence Gold Award for Living Green in the Bay Watershed – recognizing more than 20 years of conservation education and practices. Its volunteer program is certified as a Service Enterprise by Points of Light.

For many years the Bald Eagle was the poster animal for endangered species. Now our national symbol is also a conservation success story. At the Virginia Living Museum visitors can see and learn about the bald eagle and 10 other animals that are on federal or state endangered or threatened lists. See red wolves, the most endangered mammal in North America, and the loggerhead, the only sea turtle that nests in Virginia. Also on exhibit are animals that are not as well known: the Blackbanded Sunfish, Eastern Chicken Turtle and the Roanoke Logperch. The VLM is the only place in the world that exhibits the logperch, a small darter that is native to the Roanoke River watershed. The museum participates in federal Species Survival Programs for the red wolf and seahorse, in the North Carolina Headstart Program for loggerhead sea turtles and in a shark research program with the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. It administers the North American Amphibian Monitoring Program in Virginia and leads an area chapter of the citizen science FrogWatch USA.

The museum’s environmental education center, the living green Goodson House, demonstrates techniques and products to build and maintain an earth-friendly home. Its Conservation Garden promotes bay-scaping gardening.

At the Virginia Living Museum, students experience STEM science discoveries that simply can’t be duplicated in a school classroom. The museum’s indoor and outdoor exhibits are carefully designed to reinforce Virginia’s Standards of Learning for Science (SOLs) and national science standards. The museum offers a full menu of formal school programs that support STEM education in all grade levels, taught by a professional faculty of scientist/instructors. All school programs are grade-level targeted, fully correlated to Virginia SOLs and national standards, and combine inquiry-based investigations with real museum specimens and live animals for an unforgettable learning experience. For many students, the museum is their only hands-on experience with nature. The museum’s programs have been recognized by the National Science Foundation, the U.S. and Virginia Departments of Education for promoting achievement in science.

Currently, the museum features a traveling exhibit, NATURE CONNECTS: Art with LEGO Bricks through December 17th.  This exhibit features 16 giant LEGO Brick sculptures of animals and nature themes. Also, the newest major attraction is a permanent dinosaur exhibit outside in a natural trail. The Dinosaur Discovery Trailtransports visitors to the amazing prehistoric world of these fantastic creatures with 16 static dinosaurs, 3 fossil huts, 4 dig pits, play area and create your own Dino Field Station of large wooden blocks.  The outdoor Dinosaur Discovery Trail is open daily 9am – 4:30pm.

January 2018 come discover The Art & Science of Arachnids from January 20 – April 10. This traveling exhibit is not your typical “bug” exhibit. It is an exhibit on how arachnids are perceived by humans from a Science, Art and Culture perspective. The exhibit showcases over 100 live arachnids in an engaging and informative display.  This hands on exhibit has 3 self-contained locked cubes entitled: Science, Art and Culture. The Science Cube area examines spiders and scorpions and introduces guests to arachnids and the role they play in medical research. The Arts Cube illustrates the importance of arachnids in music, literature and film. The Culture Cube discusses arachnid conservation, arachnids as food, and arachnid folklore and mythology.

The museum is located at 524 J. Clyde Morris Blvd., Newport News. It is open daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information call 757-595-1900 or visit

Featured Panelist: Troy Gale

Another member of the Study of Anime crew signs on for our Catpocalypse. Now introducing Troy Gale!

Troy Gale is relatively new to the Study of Anime team, but has been a follower for many years. By day, he is putting his energy towards his studies in music, but by night, he writes about tokusatsu, tabletop gaming, and all other sorts of things. He has also presented the Fueled by Coffee Phoenix Wright Mock Trial at Nekocon and Anime Mid-Atlantic in Southeastern Virginia for the past nine years. Most days, when he’s not at work, you can find Troy at any number of coffee shops, probably thinking up his next article. If not, he is likely at home, gaming or practicing his vocal performances. In addition to Study of Anime, Troy helps out on occasion with the Youtube channel Trylons, and consults on panels with various other presenters.

He can be reached at

Troy’s favorite anime are: Gurren Lagann, Read or Die, and One Punch Man

His favorite games are: Earthbound, Super Mario RPG, and Crypt of the Necrodancer

Featured Panelist: Aaron Clark – The Eva Monkey

Aaron, who goes by “The Eva Monkey” online, has been operating his Evangelion fansite,, for over 15 years. Deeply involved in the fandom for Evangelion, he’s been a fixture of numerous fansites and discussion forums, and has co-founded, and serves as a moderator of the Evangelion subreddit at  Recently, he’s been making videos sporadically on his YouTube channel at


Aaron has contributed commentary as a guest on numerous podcasts, and as an occasional contributor to Otaku USA Magazine. For more than a decade, Aaron has presented dozens of panels at fan conventions all over the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. In particular, he has been a panelist for Otakon every year since 2003. His panels are often on the subject of Evangelion, but also pertain to his other interests, such as video games, fuse beads, new media, and more.

Guest Announcement: Kira Buckland and Kyle McCarley

For the first time ever at a convention, the voices of 2B and 9S from Nier: Automata will be attending together! Nekocon is excited to have Kira Buckland and Kyle McCarley !!

Originally from Alaska, Kira Buckland got her start voice acting for online projects, and later moved on to voice a variety of roles in anime, most notably Umi in Love Live, Julis in The Asterisk War, Izumo in Blue Exorcist, Kuroyukihime in Accel World, Kogyoku in Magi, Zushi in Hunter x Hunter, Hydra Bell in Blood Lad, Kanae in 5 Centimeters Per Second, Mika in Durarara x2, Cookie and Eco in Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, and Mimete in the new Sailor Moon dub. She was also featured in “Miraculous Ladybug” as Alix/Timebreaker.
As an avid gamer, she is happy to have lent her voice to quite a few video games, including NieR: Automata (2B), Fire Emblem Heroes (Eirika), Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice (Trucy Wright), Tales of Zestiria (Edna), Danganronpa 2 (Hiyoko Saionji), Disgaea 5 (Seraphina), Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (Honoka), Skullgirls (Marie), Paladins (Evie), Trails of Cold Steel (Elise & Celine), Bravely Default (Artemia), Hyperdimension Neptunia V (Marvy), Castle Crashers (Princesses/Medusa), and many more. Not forgetting her Internet roots, she still provides voice work for popular projects such as Kou/Gou in 50% Off and Aerith in FF7 Machinabridged.

Her addictions include cats, makeup, espresso, and classic rock. She also cosplays under the name “Lady Stardust,” and is a huge fan of the manga series “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.” Follow her on Twitter @rinachan or Facebook @KiraVoices!

Kyle McCarley grew up (but not really) in Kansas and moved to Los Angeles at age 18 to study acting. After getting hooked on playing World of Warcraft with his buddies, he co-wrote, co-directed, and voiced several characters in a fan-made online radio play loosely set in that universe. Once he finished his Theatre degree at the University of Southern California, he decided to further pursue that passion in the form of a career in voice acting. Kyle can now be heard in anime, video games, cartoons, audiobooks, live action dubs, TV and radio commercials, industrial ads, and even a talking toy plunger.

Notable anime credits include Mikazuki Augus in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama in Mob Psycho 100, Joe Shimamura, a.k.a. 009, in Cyborg 009: Call of Justice, Aoba Kuronuma in Durarara!!x2, Shinji Matou in Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Ryota Watari in Your Lie in April, Helbram in Seven Deadly Sins, Kirii in Blame!, Joichiro Nishi in Gantz: O, Silas Norman in The Asterisk War, and Ikuya Ogura in Ajin: Demi-Human.

Kyle’s video game credits include Android 9S in NieR: Automata, Alm in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Zeroken in Disgaea 5, Daniel in Unepic, Seilong and Kir in Summon Night 6, Oz, the Trickster in Atlas Reactor, and various characters in Final Fantasy XV, Tales of Berseria, God Eater 2: Rage Burst, Grand Kingdom, and Omega Quintet.

A full list of Kyle’s credits is available at, and if you follow him on Twitter (@kylemccarley), Twitch (, or like his Facebook page (, you can keep up with all his excitement (or lack thereof).

Featured Panelist: Puvithel

Nekocon is announcing with style featured panelist Puvithel!

Indie American alternative fashion brand Puvithel is run by self-taught artist and designer Puvithel Rajan who’s formal background is in nuclear engineering. Puvithel has been making and designing original handmade jewelry and accessories, clothing and handbags for J-fashion and alternative styles since early 2015. Her motifs include detail work, over-the-top gothic designs, and vector and laser cut work. Puvithel also occasionally writes for the Wunderwelt English blog, and has been featured in several fashion shows and events worldwide. While Puvithel does not aim to fit in one particular style or another, she is heavily inspired by American gothic, punk, menhera, and lolita fashions. Puvithel will be presenting her best work to date with lines Slaughterhouse 413 and Existence is Futile in the NekoCon fashion show.  Additionally, she will also be hosting panels for those who’d like to learn more about J-fashion, and you can even create your own J-fashion pieces to take home in her interactive workshops!

Enter the dungeon with Dungeons & Dragons Adventures League

Dungeons & Dragons Adventures League is proud to host several events at Nekocon 2017. Whether you are interested in learning how to play D&D  or an experienced player looking for a challenging adventure we will have something for you.

Among other offerings we will have:

Fai Chen’s Fantastical Faire; 

DDAL07-01 – A City on the Edge an adventure for levels 1-4 

DDAL07-02 Over the Edge Tier 2 an adventure for levels 5-10

And the EPIC adventure for level 1-10 DDEP07-01 Peril at the Port.

We will also hold an introduction to D&D throughout the weekend.

Please come by or sign up for events at:

Guest Announcement: Colleen Clinkenbeard

Nekocon is proud to welcome Colleen Clinkenbeard!

Colleen Clinkenbeard is a voice actor and director with over 200 roles in anime and video games. Her credits include Kid Gohan, Android 18, and Mai in Dragon Ball Z Kai, Mai in Dragon Ball Super, Erza in Fairy Tail, Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece, Riza Hawkeye in Full Metal Alchemist, Hana in Wolf Children, Inner Moka in Rosario + Vampire, Momo Yaoyorozu in My Hero Academia, Yuko in xxxHolic and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Éclair in Kiddy Grade, Éclair in Ouran High School Host Club, Rachel in Case Closed, Mama in Kodocha, Sakurako in Negima!, Chibi Romano in Hetalia, Maso and Himawari in Shin Chan, Esther in Trinity Blood, Rose in SoltyRei, Reina in Witchblade, Galatea in Claymore, Kareha in Shuffle!, Cordelia in Romeo x Juliet, Rin in Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne, Matsu in Sekirei, Marie in Soul Eater, Noriko in Summer Wars, Makina in Deadman Wonderland, Scanty in Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Scarlet in Space Dandy, Ema in Brothers Conflict, Otoya in Riddle Story of Devil, Ocatvia in Garo: The Animation, Rose in Dimension W, Millerna in The Vision of Escaflowne, Yukizome in Danganronpa 3, Minako in Yuri!! On Ice, Jeanne d’Arc in Drifters, and Nice in Baccano.

She can also be heard in video games playing the roles of Lilith, Tannis, and Captain Scarlet in the Borderlands series, Galilea and Nova in Battleborn, Arachne, Ne Zha, and Narrator Tutorial in Smite, Sorceress in Orcs Must Die, and many more.

You may also know her as an ADR director, with credits such as Full Metal Alchemist, My Hero Academia, Steins;Gate, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, xxxHolic, Black Butler, Kiddy Grade, Kodocha, Negima, Moon Phase, Aquarion, Code Breaker, Fractale, Kenichi, and many more.

Facebook: colleen.clinkenbeardvoiceactress
Twitter: @ccarrollbeard