Guest Announcement: Troy Gale

Another ring of the doorbell brings another happy haunt! NekoCon welcomes Troy Gale!

Troy Gale has only been presenting his panels through Study of Anime for a few years, but he has been attending conventions for over a decade now, and it’s given him a lot of insight to talk about his passions with more fervor than ever before. Studying game design at Old Dominion University, he digs deeper into various fandoms and games, and makes some things that seem larger than life far more approachable to new fans. Kamen Rider, gunpla, music composition, tabletop RPGs…he’ll share his passions with you and help you learn more at the same time!  


Guest Announcement: Michael Sinterniklaas

As the moon rises full, we bring to you another guest announcement! NekoCon is happy to welcome Michael Sinterniklass!

Joining us for the first time after releasing the hit Trigger feature film PROMARE, Michael has worked as a director, actor, voice actor, script writer, sound designer, editor, engineer, mixer and producer. In 1999, Michael founded NYAV Post, a bicoastal recording studio that has worked on hundreds of films, series, video games and anime titles.

Michael has voiced many anime roles and is currently Jyushimatsu in the Osomatsu Brothers and Nathaniel in Miraculous Ladybug. Other credits include Taki (Your Name), Kenji (Summer Wars), Kia (Lu Over The Wall), Animus (Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry), Dagger (Black Butler: Book of Circus), Netherlands (Hetalia), Angelo (Gundam Unicorn) Xellos (Slayers Revolution and Evolution-R), Ivan Karelin/Origami Cyclone (Tiger and Bunny), Dark Magician and Mahad (YuGiOh), Sarutobi Sasuke (Sengoku Basara), Sora and Utakata (Naruto), Nnoitra, Luppi, Ikkaku, Wonderweiss (Bleach), Age (Patema Inverted), Takeru (FREEDOM), POP Team Epic,Joshua, Kennedy, Ross, Elijah and Seviper (Pokémon), Lucemon (Digimon).

Outside of anime, he is the voice of Dean Venture in The Venture Bros, Leonardo in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) Mikey Simon (Kappa Mikey) and even Funshine in The Care Bears. He has also appeared in video games such as RAINBOW SIX SIEGE, Final Fantasy XIII, Excom, GTA V, the Lego Movie Game, Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Tales of Berseria and is the lead Yew Geneolgia in Bravley Second and to name a few.

Directing credits include: FLCL Alternative/Progressive, MFKZ, Cannon Busters, Ninja Batman, Your Name, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, Berserk, Magic Users Club, Ah! My Goddess, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Slayers Revolution, Slayers Evolution-R, and Giant Robo, and the video game release of Just Cause 3. He’s also directed several non-anime series and features including Phantom Boy, Peter Rabbit, Super Friends, Robotomy, Bird Boy, and the Oscar nominated movies A Cat in Paris, Ernest and Celestine, My Life As a Zucchini and this years Oscar and Golden Globe nominated Mirai.

Guest Announcement: Jim Deeley

Nekocon is filled with ghoulish glee to announce as a guest Jim Deeley!

Jim Deeley is a freelance writer, aspiring game designer, veteran game master, and the founder and lead writer at Apotheosis Games & Publishing. A passionate fan of fantasy, science fiction, and history since his early boyhood days of playing in castle ruins all across England, Jim’s world was forever changed when in late 2000, he sat down to his first ever Tabletop Role-playing Game: a session of Vampire: The Masquerade. Since then, Jim has dedicated far too many waking hours to getting better at running role-playing games, and to that end has developed a series of panels called the Apotheosis Series on the logistics of writing and running tabletop RPGs. The Apotheosis Series was originally intended for Game Masters, but these panels proved useful for all manner of creative types, and he is taking the ideas behind these panels and working on making them into a series of books on the subject. Jim lives in Newport News with his multitalented artist wife Kristi and their five cats. He is currently working on “Against the Elements”, a book for High Level Games’ Snowhaven setting, collaborating on several projects for White Wolf’s Storyteller’s Vault, and writing “Apotheosis: The Ultimate Guide to Game Mastery”.

Guest Announcement: Expedition Cosplay

NekoCon is proud to announce the return of Expedition Cosplay!

What happens when cosplay meets vanlife? Expedition cosplay! Justin and Megan Webb are two award winning cosplayers that sold all they owned to travel the world looking for adventure!  They now travel and cosplay for a living out of their 1984 Fallout inspired vault-tec van! From visiting video game locations in the real world to scaling mountains and braving desert climates these two will do almost anything for the perfect picture! Make sure to come by their booth for anime artwork, stories, autographs, and the most immersive fallout merch booth this side of the wasteland! 

Photos courtesy of Legend of Micah and Affliction Media

Carolina Manga Library comes to NekoCon!

From scary stories to magical girls, Carolina Manga Library is going to be brining a selection of manga for the reading crowd of NekoCon.


The Carolina Manga Library is a non-profit organization that sets up free libraries at conventions for all attendees to enjoy. They bring over 5000 manga, American graphic novels, webcomics, and novels for fans to enjoy. By setting up a quiet place for people to relax at conventions, the Library seeks to promote literacy through the medium that they love.

The Library was founded in 2013, debuting at Nashicon in Columbia, South Carolina. Since then, the Library has been guests at conventions all over the Southern states and their collection becomes larger with every passing month, having expanded to all forms of graphic novels. Their expert staff of librarians and library assistants are also experts in all things manga and graphic novels, so feel free to ask them for recommendations for new series!

All Hallow Queenz Drag Show!

Let’s get ready to celebrate Meowloween by welcoming back by popular demand NekoCon’s very own All Hallow Queenz!  They will be performing twice Saturday night to some of your favorite spooky songs! As an extra treat, and this is no trick, all money will go to our charities.








Lily Dolce of Smithfield VA. Lily loves to live on the edge and grace the stage with passion. Lily can be caught at 37th and Zen once a month for an amazing drag brunch








Jasmine Spaulding of Richmond Virginia. Jasmine loves displaying her creatively unique talents of make-up and costume designs. Jasmine is a former title holder of Miss Dreamgirls. You can catch Jasmine host her amazing drag brunch at 37th and Zen located locally in Norfolk VA









Jasleane Jade of Virginia Beach VA. Jasleane has been working in the industry of a decade, and is fiercely famed all over Virginia. You can catch her locally at 37th and Zen and The Rainbow Cactus Company.








Chanel Temple of Suffolk VA. Chanel loves entertaining and aspires to one day be a crowned diva. Chanel Temple works very hard with the community and is loved by many. You can catch all her shows locally at 37th and Zen in Norfolk VA.

Welcome Back Lovely Heart Maid Cafe!

Nekocon is ecstatic to bring back Lovey Heart Maid Cafe!


Okaerinasaimase goshujinsama, ojousama! We are Lovely Heart Maid Cafe, a Hampton Roads based maid cafe event group formed by fans of anime, Akihabara, and all things moe! We are inspired by maid cafes in Japan such as @home Cafe and Maidreamin and want to bring the experience to Hampton Roads!